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And then there was another. Ben (I forgot his screen name) the gc collected thus until I arranged transport up. 

Neal and I gave it a squirt or three if crc and it ran so I'll pull the carb off and give it a clean out and see how it runs. 

No points for guessing where the fxr motor is ending up 





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I was planning on tidying the garage this weekend but got distracted. A quick measure and the fxr motor mounts are 10-15mm wider than the frame mounts, As is the rear wheel


Instead of tidying I took the dildio outside

new shoes


Drums are shit. I fitted the new forks and stole the throttle and master of the zx dio to get it working. I can actually lock both wheels now which is a novelty. Time for a new tyre in the front too



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  • 2 weeks later...

3x nifty 50s popped up on trademe for a good price so I jumped on them. I'll collect them in the next few weeks. 

I should be able to get two of them running with all of the parts. I'll swap the af18 into it. Hopefully I can get the disc front to work 

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no skids today. Weak I know

Dropped some bikes down to @Bellicose as i was heading that way to collect some nifties.


When I was arranging collection of the three scoots from muzza he mentioned he had another running nifty and was I keen to have a look. This is oldschool so we all know how that ended...


All set for east cape!



I'll have a beer and rip the dildio apart and see how hard it is to fit an af18 to a nifty

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I had a go at starting the nifties.  One the kick starter has split the bushing and is jammed. I rangid up a battery and the starter is fucked. Pushed that in the corner and tried another. It actually turns over on the starter but zero compression. The third is missing the carb and the side cases etc. Tomorrow I'll swap the starters over and try to get atleast one going.

Dio meet nifty


Thought I'd finally install the non aliexpress variator. I'll fire up the die grinder tomorrow and make it fit




Now I have 7 non running bikes

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12 hours ago, chris r said:


Now I have 7 non running bikes

Think you need to rephrase that, you've got a shed full of bits that one day in the far far future may resemble seven bikes haha.

Lol, I also have seven bikes, but two 'run' and that's only because you dropped off a runner.

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The engine mounts are all slightly different

Left is the "melody" and right is the af18 dio mount


and the nifty vs dio mount


I should be able to butcher up the af18 mount to fit the melody frame

I thought i'd whip off the barrel off and I think I've found the reason for no compression, The ring is stuck



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the current plan for the motor mount is slam some tube into the frame and get a seagull to attach the dio mount to the bottom. Might sneak some length in while we are in there.

I'll strip the frames some more and give them a good clean/paint to try prevent more rusting

Whats better than buying parts that actually fit and will help things run? Buying upgrades that don't fit



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I pulled the forks off the melody as they looked similar to the dio ones. Turns out the dio was a tad shorter so I'll have to figure something out there or leave the drums.

The bearings were a bit fucked so I stole the dio ones and gave it some fresh grease 



The melody mount is a tad wider than the af18 so I trimmed it so suit. I still need to figure out the stabilizer arm or whatever its called 


Then this happened


There were some holes close enough to where I wanted the shock to sit so I drilled them out and slammed a bolt through.

I'll make up a crush tube and reinforce the frame where the shock mounts



Test fitted the plastics and nearly everything clears


The exhaust is pretty much touching the plastics so I'll chuck some heat wrap around that section and see how it goes


I need to get a new vacuum fuel tap for this too.

Old mate muzz who I got these off used these as beach hacks so everything is a bit corroded, the wiring in particular. I cbf dealing with that so stole the dio loom and will extend the lighting wires to suit. I'll figure out the switches etc tomorrow.

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I spent WAAY to long wiring this up today. As you can see everything is a huge mess which doesn't help.

my rangi mount is nowhere near centered. All my research suggests I need a mount off a honda elite scoot. I found the OEM number and its not available new anywhere, a quick ebay trawl found this and ordered it. Fingers crossed it doesn't get lost on its way to youshop and it actually is the right mount.


I stripped back the dio loom and tested everything


The dio Ignition switch bolted right up to the melody frame but I lost the bloody key didn't I? I soldered the dio ignition switch wires onto the Melody switch. 

I tested and cleaned up all the melody switches and they seem to be working. I need to finish off the indicators and headlights y


I taped up the loom enough to put the foot cover back on and dummy fit the oil tank etc to figure out where the rest of the loom wants to go





I couldn't get the electric start to work without powering up the relay. Flattened the battery cranking it before realising I forgot to turn the fuel on..

Gave it a kick and it fired up, Turned the key off and it kept running.... I was over thinking the ignition switch wiring this morning got confused and since everything else I'd tested was identically colored I just went colour for colour. I had another look and turns out solid black is power for the lights and black with a white trace is the kill for the cdi. I just need to swap two on the ignition switch plug and all will be good.

I'll do a quick list of what I need to so

- A skid

- Finish off switch and headlight switch wiring and horn

-Connect the tail lights/indicators

- fit the fuel petcock when it arrives

- Fit the mount and hope its right

- Oil light and fuel gauge wiring

- rear shock mount and frame reinforcement

- Order a shorter rear shock

- Make a rack for the front

- Aux fuel tank of some description

-find/fix the gauge bezel

- fit new front shoes

- new tyres/wheels


Shit I feel like I've done next to nothing today

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1 hour ago, Seedy Al said:

Your putting me off the whole idea chris lol


If i was smarter id just use the nifty loom and adapt it to the af18. 

Our round light nifties have different mounts again so itll have to be a custon obe but I have a plan for that 

1 hour ago, Raizer said:

Weld up own mount, add an inch of stretch.

Ill make one with the full 4 inches 

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