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I had a quick tidy up of the garage and found the plastic spacer I needed to finish the clutch cable. It's a tad heavier to operate compared to the stock fxr levers but still manageable 




Measured up the battery and marked out the start of a battery tray out of the crx sunroof metal leftovers. 


All folded, I've made the retaining strap but need to figure out a pivot for it before I finish it. 


Welded in the battery tray and also cut out a filler strip to cover the big gap between the frame and motor. 


That also gives me a nice spot to mount the ignition switch. 


Tomorrow I'll either do the lighting wiring and/or the oil cooler mount. @Raizerbrought me a nice new shiny rattly muffler up so I'll have to figure out mounting that too 

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I barried some bar to size for the battery box pivot



Welded it onto the strap after trimming it so the positive terminal has a bit more space. 


Welded a nut onto the top strap and I think I can call this done apart from grinding and paint


Made a start on the exhaust 


tacked it up



I tried extending the first section just off the head flange to get a little bit more clearance and fucked up the angles so it now hits the case. I'll redo it tomorrow 

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Spent way too long making a muffler hanger today, no idea why I was struggling so much but its done now, It ties into the engine mount too. I'll bend some more rod up for the shock mount to try and add a bit of strength



Yesterdays exhaust was a waste of time as it now wont clear the engine or center stand. (I forgot to check center stand clearance today) so I'll have to start that mess again

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Chopped up the exhaust that didnt fit and turned it into this


Then this


Ground away my welding sins and squirted some paint on it so it hopefully wont rust under the wrap




Twisted the wiring together enough to start it to test exhaust for leaks and make sure it was charging before finishing off the wiring

Yip its charging nicely at idle. Will finish headlight and check under load later


This muffler does anything but muffle, the baffle at the end is too small to I've chopped a whole lot of the restriction out but there is more to go. Has anyone got some perforated tube I can teal? I''ll stuff this with fiberglass if I can get some in the hope of quietening it down. Still need to tune it as its super rich at the moment


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So @Raizersent me link to a cheap motor on Facebook, @johnny.raceand @V8Petecollected it for me.

It was advertised as low on compression so i was expecting it to be in relativity sad shape. 

I was pleasantly surprised. Barrel looks good, just looks to have a shit ton of blow by 





I've got a bearing and ring kit on the way for it. Going to stay 50cc and stick it in the other melody 


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5 minutes ago, Aubs said:

I did sell a motor out of a honda giorno in palmerston north? Haha cant remember what type it was hahha

Unless there's another Aubrey with an interesting old scooter collection in Palmy that recently sold an AF24 engine it will be your one old lol


I messaged you on FB when you first put it up on MopedNZ and claimed dibs for @chris r knowing he'd been looking for one and was out of phone reception.

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So I've lost my fizz for this stuff. Haven't touched it in ages. 

If anyone is keen on the cub let me know. 

Reg on hold, can be lifeless/lifan converted as fxr motor just needed a extra plate welded in 

Will get more pics when I'm next at lockup 

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