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This sums up our ride for today. 


The head wind heading out to kawhia was a killer and the side wind was pretty hard at some times but a solid 50mph on our way out. A easy 60mph plus on the way home. Air temp dropped and the tail wind was great. 




Rode all packed for east cape see what the bike went like and what a trooper. Nothing changed at all. 


A great two hundred kms again. 




Only a few more days and I'll be on my way to Whakatane with @Zeubin in his bmw c1 via more back roads doing our extended east cape trip on small adventure bikes. 

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Would you consider going around the Northern side of Lake Rotorua? Or do you need to go Rotorua for fuel possibly? Theres some twisty bits and not much traffic.

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@johnnyfive yea I didn't even think but probably will go north side of the lake. A hell of a lot cooler ride. (we drive it to lake Rotoiti)


I havnt really planned fuel stops as such I got a range of about 160kms easy so will just go with the flow I think. Just need to double check with @Zeubin on Thursday morning if there is a preference with the route. 

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39 minutes ago, 64valiant said:

also @Archetype check out how flat your tire is her

Probably <10psi at that stage. Slow(ish) leak meant I had to pump up my tyre every day, and it was at 4psi in the morning.

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So I posted a little while back regarding exhaust on the vespa club page. Got a bunch of responses and the common one was to get a sip road.

A guy also posted this link regarding a review of other exhaust and comparison. Found it quite interesting



the short of it is this. pretty sweet and easy to compare types and what not.

retro scooter stock the SIP Road 2 in Auckland and i am going there tomorrow with @Geophy to drop a car off so i may end up getting one.

although nz scootercarer can get a polini one. 



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Thank you very much. 


New exhuast is good. 


But I managed to get a ride home in a chevy truck this afternoon. Vespa must be running same stuff oldschool.co.nz is running. Just stopped working. 


Used my tool kit and tried everything I could on the side of the road. 


Dan you reliable scooter not been reliable. 


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i used to run a sito plus or somethign on my px200. was mint. 

had a polini spanny for a bit but gear ratios were too wide and it made it a bastard in hill surburbs in welly so went back to sito. 


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I went drag racing and had a ball. 








Poo man's small 135 was so much faster than my 200. God dam I need to do some mods to this thing and make it come alive. 


10 outa 10 was still heaps of fun. 


@Poo what did you mention when I was at retro scooter the other day. 

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You need a long stroke crank, an upgear, short 4th gear, cylinder kit, etc etc. 

The guys at Retro know what cylinder kit will work best for you. They order from SIP every week or so. 


Yeah, drag day was good. my best was a 18.8 at 66mph. not bad considering my clutch was slipping. And the scoot had sat in the shed for a year. I didnt even put fresh gas in. lewl. 

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just came here to view what my last post was and all my east cape pics had gone, so back up now.

have been riding this pretty much everywhere i get a chance to really.

a few days ago i went for a ride with old mate @flyingbrick and this is how it kinda went.


The earth is flat i tell ya!


oh hello greg why have you stopped


ohhhhh yeah got a flattie

lets boost backwards to those guys see if we can get a hand, old guy that lived next to the boat ramp hand some tools and i was able to get the rim off and he offered to mow his lawns for us so we could pack my tire full of grass



i ended up limping it back to cell phone reception and called the guys net to me at work (ntb motorcycles) and they came out and picked me up. they were about 20mins drive from my final resting point.

ahhh this is also what happens when you cant be assed trying to find your tools or your spare tube you usually carry.


it was a bloody good hoon thats for sure. our next stop was kawhia

we also went for a hoon yesterday, out the back of mine and towards port waikato and back.

some bloody beautiful country we have on our door step i tell ya!

seems i took this photo with a potato


but i took @Zeubins gas off him to give him less weight so he can go faster.

wasnt long and we were on the gravel roads doing some sweet hoons


old mate @Zeubin came off a little while after this, he got a little distracted by the bloody pheasant that flew in front of him. we then had to deal with a flooded bike that wasnt running well. few push starts here and there and alive it became.

carried on out to the next stop which was Nikau Cave & Cafe had a quick bite there and avoided all the paper wasps.

some more lovely gravel roads and a few shat pants from a giant tractor and we then done some vape clouds


well richard did while reubin checked his bike cause well yeah still not running right....

few more gravel roads and what not, boom baby we got the coast.


this section of gravel road was so god dam fun!

but we kept on hooning and made it to the beach. old mate richard went for a hoon down the beach that we got to but yeah water was to high for my liking

i did go for a hoon on the sand dunes though 



i also got a nice photo of @flyingbrick picking up his bike.......


we continued to get our hoon on really good after this, some of us more than others. 

but as we got closer to tuakau reubins bike started to loose speed and not sound so great, we chucked more fuel in and we dropped some oil in it, seemed to have given it a bit more life, well not for long. he checked the spark plug that well wasnt happy at all. a phone call later and he had a car coming to pick him up and the bike. bit of a bummer, his dad recons the rings and broken, hopefully we see the modded small bike out again.

all in all a great trip again.

here is the map of this trip we done


alos fun fact @GuyWithAviators got stuck in grass and a little bit of water in his 4x4 at the bottom of that trig road. (it may have been clay)

but both maps great fun if your keen on some gravel road riding. i will be back to ride them again!


the earth is flat nathan.

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