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  1. I might head along to the start of this, on the Lambretta. Hopefully you'll turn a blind eye to the 'under 250cc' rule.
  2. Poo

    64Valiants Scooters.

    You need a long stroke crank, an upgear, short 4th gear, cylinder kit, etc etc. The guys at Retro know what cylinder kit will work best for you. They order from SIP every week or so. Yeah, drag day was good. my best was a 18.8 at 66mph. not bad considering my clutch was slipping. And the scoot had sat in the shed for a year. I didnt even put fresh gas in. lewl.
  3. Poo

    Poo's 1959 Series One Lambretta.

    So, this thing was a hoot to ride, but always lacked power and handled like a wobbly spring. Only one thing to do. Add more power. 40.5hp to be exact.
  4. Poo

    Akl monthly meet

    I'm going to go to BurgerFuel Ellerslie tonight. Well, actually I'll probably be next door at Mexicali.
  5. Poo

    Akl monthly meet

    Rats, its the first time in ages that I'll be able to make it. Was going to bring the Lambretta out for a hoon.
  6. Déjà Vu Another OS Dragday done for the year. Such an awesome day. Thanks to everyone involved. I picked up 'Best Burnout' again!! I think doing a such a massive burnout that sets the mudflaps on fire sealed the deal. After the rather large burnout the temp came up and the run down the strip was slow, as the ecu wouldnt let me rev past about 5k rpm. I didn't think much of the situation and traveled down the return road and slowed to pick my appalling time slip from Evan. Then two of the track officials came running over with fire extinguishers. My mud flaps had caught fire! After putting them out the track staff high five'd me and sent me back to the pits to scrape the remaining spent rubber off from the inner guard. Great shot from Andrew Snow tyres for the win.
  7. Poo

    MItsi galant power steering box

    That does look like the unit in my Sigma/Galant/Eterna GSR. Ive got a spare that doesnt dribble in my parts stash. I plan on using it to swap with my dribbly one.
  8. Poo

    MItsi galant power steering box

    If its any consolation my power steering box dribbles a bit as well.
  9. Poo

    Poo's 1959 Series One Lambretta.

    Nah, would be more of a pain to put a battery in. The paperwork is also for the lack of indicators and in some cases lack of brake light!
  10. Poo

    Poo's 1959 Series One Lambretta.

    So this thing was de-reg. I was riding this dirty, no reg/wof. and speed through fixed speed camera. At a whopping 54kph or something. The old owner got the ticket. Followed by a ticket for no WOF. Lol. Me being a good chap, I paid the speeding ticket. And started the process of getting it legal to try and get off the 'no wof' fine (of which was in the previous owners name). The kids at Retroscooter helped out with recompliance, writing to the Vintage Car Club to get Lighting Exemption forms sorted. Brake deceleration, wiring, adding front shocks, etc. Anyway. I've being riding it quite a bit. It's slow as a wet week. But it rules. More power at some point. Pic of it it with the headlight on at idle. (Hence lighting exemption)