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The Wellington Wagoneering, Vanning and general Camping Appreciation thread.

Seedy Al

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mean mean. may as well hit west then. might even sneak another day and stay kaikoura on the way home/recovery

so who know the cool places to be here? I've only done the mainish centres along the highways. westport, hokitika and all that jazz

standout features include crooked looks from locals at Otira

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On the topic of wagoneering, vanning and general camping - we are going to be having a little 2018 Welcoming Assembly at our land over the NY period. 

We will be up there from the 30th of Dec till the 2nd of Jan - feel free to swing by and stay for a few days or just a night. Might have a big bonfire on NY eve if conditions allow. 

Will work in some day trips to local swimming holes and nearby beaches. We don't have ANY facilities except two portaloos so bring bottled water and all other amenities.  There is a supi & liquor store and multiple takeaway options three minutes up the road and showers are available at Bizzo's mums for those who don't like to let it fester. 

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