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The Wellington Wagoneering, Vanning and general Camping Appreciation thread.

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So with the Wagon season upon us, longer days, warmer weather and sunny days, it's time for some casual camping, wagoneering, vanning, sedaning, etc


Going to keep this thread going, people can suggest places and dates and see what works for people or Doesnt work for anyone at all even.


So Far, we have the 16th of December locked in for Otaki Forks,

However that seems for ever away and we can deff do something before then.


CatchPool Valley in Wainuiomata is always good for a Casual.  And Considering trying battle hill Farm as a close casual also.


SO yeah, start suggesting dates, places etc

I am pretty much always keen for camping. I have no plans besides the 9th of December. Have wagon, will sleep.







Current dates:

11th of November - catchpool valley camp ground, wainuiomata.


16th of December - Otaki forks, Otaki.

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I think i have a family thing on the 16th for lunch but should be OK for the night. Other weekends are possible, once I get the windows back in this GD wagon.

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On 04/11/2017 at 17:51, Beaver said:

Keen. This coming weekend I’ll be down for a night out


Niki and I are keen so I assume ty will be also.

Who else is keen.? What ya thinking?  Catch pool valley? 

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Definitely keen for otaki forks meet. Danny's/Heyhole's Mum is racing at mainfeild that weekend so will be there afternoon Saturday and then up first thing Sunday morning to help out/ pit bitching

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Ok. Lets lock in Catchpool Valley campsite out coast road, Wainui


Should we meet outside burnsco on port road in Seaview already shopped and boozed ready to roll over the hill? Maybe 3.30 -4pm unless people think sooner or later? 


Camping this weekend,


November 11th from 4pm.

See thread for details

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