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Classic car Rego / on-road "Vehicle Licensing" talk 2016


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So last year they had a fiddle with the system classes & whatnot


Majority of the info you want is here : https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/licensing-rego/


though if you're like me & your car make/model isn't listed then there's not much info specifically relating to "Classic cars" or "Vintage"


So I asked directly via NZTA Facebook page & received the following information via PM




NZ Transport Agency

Thanks Jared,

The 1976 Hillman Alpine, registration plate HN6783 is currently on exemption until 29/05/2016. As it is 40 years + it's licensing fees have been decreased. The licensing fees automatically decrease on 1 January of the year that they are set to turn 40. The 12m licensing fee for the Hillman is $74.74 (or $3.09 cheaper online). Although the vehicle is 40+ is does still require a Wof at the time of licensing. Vehicle 40+ are not subject to continuous vehicle licensing and they has a 2 year lapse period (where the vehicle can be left un- licensed or without an exemption for up to 2 years before they would de-register)

The same apply's for the 1934 Austin Ruby, registration plate JT4**7 which is currently on exemption until 08/04/2016. When you are ready to put the vehicle(s) back on the road they will just require a WoF and then you are able to licence, the licence will start from that date that you pay to licence.

I hope this information helps, just let me know if you need any further clarification.

Thanks Teena


Posting this info in the effort it may help or be informative


if you spy any private info that should not be shared or this is in the wrong section/useless then feel free to let me know or delete & I'll happily edit or amend


information correct at the time of posting

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Is there some other way to check online when the hold runs out?

I grapple with owning ten live cars. And there seems to be nowhere to see when the hold runs out. Also, the reminders now come 6 weeks before they run out. PLenty of time to forget to go back online and do it. And you can't put them back onhold online till it runs out. and it costs money to do it in person at the post shop.

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I put any car I'm taking off the road, straight on hold after I take them off the road, and select 12 months on hold.

Then every birthday I put all my "on hold" cars on hold again for 12 months as long as I am sure I will not be using them anytime soon.

That means that I will put then on hold at least twice a year and the overlap will capture any irregularities and doing it every birthday means I should not forget.

Only time it gets Tricky is when I have a car I take off the road only for winter.

If you are not sure what vehicles are under your name then do the online form for revoking authorisation, use any rego you know is under your name.

This works regardless of if you have revoked your authorisation before or not.

Once you get to the confirmation stage it will give you a list of all the vehicles under your name. Includes, trailers and bikes too

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2 draw filing cabinet is your friend, keep your old love letters & bills organised, car dyno sheets, cam grind specs & parts / service records in one place

/this thing is great, also for forum events & organisation of my life around cars & different clubs I'm involved with OS / CS & DCC events and work stuff's


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7 minutes ago, Duanalan Fisher said:

I have a Citroen ZX 1992 1.6 litre auto hatchback and intend continuing having its rego on hold. How many years to go untill it attracts a cheeper rego cost by being Classic or Veterin or whatever ?

Only 12 years to go mate, definitely worth storing.. 

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Hi, so my dad has a 1939 Dodge that he took off the road like 45 years ago. Putting rego on hold wasn't a thing then and he's never worried about it since. Would it be safe to assume it's original plates are dead and if so, does anyone know what would he need to do now towards getting it road legal? Also, how much is rego for a vehicle that old? It's not on the LTSA site. TIA

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do you have the original plates still? you can check them on carjam for a start to see if any info comes up. 


you want to have a look through this thread

as theres various avenues you will be able to go down


cost to licence a classic is $47.48 a year

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