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Oftensideways-83' Family camper-discussion


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Holy mother of god, I'm just working on a film set about the sinking of the Rainbow warrior, and I did a double take as soon as I saw your van.

Its almost identical to the Newmans van the Bombers used, even the reg is similar!!!!


any way if you ever decide to move it on I'd love to own it.

They are cool little campers rock stock standard. and pretty retro and rare now.

nice project.

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Hey Zebradude, that sounds like a cool film to be apart of, i'm going to google said van and see what i come up with.


EURON8 was yours the white with flowers Hiace that was on here a few years ago? I remember seeing it but forgot who owned it

That was CDL's one, had an 18RG in it and sounded rad pulling some revs!

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Yerp, warping is hard to avoid, esp on big flat panels with heaps of butt welding, no matter what you do..

Im guessing from your tidy weldporn that you do long beads which would get a lot of heat into the panel, which shrinks and warps.

 Pick and peck stacking up the tacks one by one is 'better', especially if you have a lot of sections/patches on the go its easy to jump around so the metal stays cooler. 

Tapping the back of the weld back out or selective shrinking elsewhere eg a big spot of weld (or a shrinking disc if you are flash!) in the middle of an oilcanning section can tighten it up, or make it worse, lol.

Nothing wrong with bog over good metal tho, heaps better than bog over chickenwire, newspaper and rust!

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its just a SS disc for yr grinder that puts heat into the panel where you 'grind' it but doesnt take any metal off - easy enough to make from an old bowl, bench top, or sheet of SS.

Ive not used one myself but a gas torch, benzo, or even judicious spots and flap wheel can do much the same thing (with higher risk). Lots of vids on youtube but its a bit of a trick i think to know where to put more heat in in a way that wont make it worse. I have found putting a spot of weld on the far (from the original weld) edge of the divot from oilcanned area can tighten it up (and the flap discing it off adds more heat too, esp if you use a fine grit) , but effectively makes the sunken area a bit bigger, but also much less obvious.

I would just bash it and see, no shame in using filler as a filler (rather than a structural member)

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