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  1. Count us in! Try leave the kids behind this time. Potentially turn up in a wagon to....
  2. Love seeing how fast you're ripping into the Starlet mate! It looks like it's going to be awesome.
  3. Damn Matt...You really are doing a hell of a job on this bro, good shit!
  4. looking great bro! You will love the j160 swap
  5. looking good man. I hope you keep all that body damage as is!
  6. looking awesome mate! I feel your pain on the welder, I have the same..
  7. oh man! this is going to be wild, excited to see progress
  8. Long time no update! Well after my last post i'll be honest and say the van pretty much sat outside the shed for a good 6 months. Summer was basically over and motivation was low to carry on with the work needed to get it road legal. But wind back a couple of months ago and I cracked back into it, finishing off little things, getting the pop top attached properly and repairing the front brakes (now new parts throughout). Trailered it down to VTNZ and Restorations Unlimited for the repair cert, back another time for recheck and as of yesterday the Hiace is now 100% road legal! managed to
  9. damn! this entire build is just so bloody good! love your work mate.
  10. Sorry about the lack of assembly photos and updates. Been way to busy getting it back together. Anyway, it happened! Got it all back together and drove it out to the venue for our wedding, air mattress in the back and that was us for the night! heres a quick phone photo but once I’ve sorted my life out I’ll take some better photos of the whole thing and do a bit of a run down how the last month went
  11. Have been full noise assembling, 5 days and I need to drive it out of the shed. Sleep is slim
  12. Neither can I! Just waiting for all the nuts,bolts and screws to come back from the electroplater then will go hard assembling it. No we haven't yet, on the look out all the time but hard to decide on whether we just get an industrial pain sewer or splash out for a walking foot.
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