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Hanmer Meet Convoy - Meet at the Peg Pub in Belfast @1.30pm for a 2pm departure


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I have an adapter I can bring but from experience I can tell you this trailer ain't no svelte supermodel. More like Helga the German barwench. A Lada towing it sounds a bit of a tall order? I dunno. NickJ would know best.

Ye of little faith!

I have a light adapter and providing the spit doesn't weigh an astronomical amount its easy, although if there is a better tow wagon it might be better than to trust the highlight of the weekend's menu on a russian

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My plan at this stage is to leave earlier than the main pack so I can get in a ride before everyone arrives.

So in saying that if anyone needs a space on my ute for their bike (or something else prehaps?) then let me know your address and I will come see you Friday morning.


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