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  1. Stick me down for 1 if there's any room left.
  2. I really need to pull finger and get to a few monthly meets, not just the annual pilgrimage to Hanmer... Anyways, this Sunday is out. I'll be in, um, Hanmer...
  3. Are there any details on meet time and display spot?
  4. Hey Karl, Id be keen to stick my car in the display this year if theres any spots left... Oldschool is the only reason my RX2 gets out of the garage these days.
  5. I'm a possibility. But not in the RX2 though.
  6. What about a mish out to Rangiora for the Muscle Car Madness?
  7. What about a mish out to Rangiora for the Muscle Car Madness?
  8. I was saying the same thing to Bart on Saturday. A Chch oldschool pages would be mint.
  9. Kerry at Bluesteel Fabrication does vehicle rust work & custom work. He's a car guy himself and does good quality work. Hit him up on
  10. Would be cool to know a date. The only time the RX2 comes out is to see you guys.
  11. On way out now. Will check meeting spot then head to swap meet
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