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Kempy's ACME Healing Cruiser.


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Another interesting use in this form, when it's not creating future customers for the local hearing aid supplier its an awesome weed blower.


Very effective on concrete, not so much on grass as it has a tendency to scorch things which in itself in another bonus as there's not usually a lot of weed/rubbish left to throw in the bin either.









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Cheers rusty, theres a video in the OS drags pic thread, none of it as a weed blower.



It's a load of fun to ride as a normal bike, even though I'm way to big for it I find it really comfortable compared to the mountain bike so I built a second cruiser for the kids to ride, 3rd one being built at present.

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Had a decent run at the drags again, for some reason it cant stage on the far lane at all, and there's a bit of an uneven surface 1/2way down which causes a bit of wobble excitement

Successful run in the lane closest to the grandstand, Managed a better time of just over 28seconds and top speed of 71.2kph, not bad for some vintage 20" rims!

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