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WDawson's diesel 220C Ced Sled


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I had the privilege of driving this beast to the liquor store yesterday. (Karl insisted I have a drive)

A racing car she is not. But, it does get along alright for an old cruiser. Doesn't wander all over the road, or make real bad noises.

Anyone know what front coils will add more stiffness/lowness?

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Welcome to the lushNess club lol.

I've got a few spare bits and pieces and no 330 anymore which you are welcome to have a rummage through.

Looks like a sweet ride, Bart rang me Xmas eve all excited.

Much low is easy as Snoozin says, as is the ld28 conversion and you should be able to keep your 4 on the tree for max bench seat cool.

Reminds me I've got a mint Brown vinyl rear seat at home too.

Can't wait to see this out cruising.

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Thanks Guys...


Brock, i will be in touch as I need a few odds and ends.


Im pretty keen to track down an ld28 sooner rather than later


I got some cool looking rims today. I will load some pics up soon, they aren't tridents. but they do have dish... and dish is good right?.


what size/thread wheel nuts do these cars run?

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The chances of people getting stuck behind it are high!

We also need to fit new seats before nats.

It was a taxi cab in hamilton in a former life. So there's probably residue of std's on the seats from pick ups at the Outback.

Hopefully we have time to install some slam before nats too.

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Nah, the ced didn't need a revin so was 100 times easier to sort out. and it still had wof and rego when I got it. I Still have the bluebird so will try and do some more work on it over winter. Do you still have the auction receipt KY?

Didn't I give that to you? If not, I'll look for it tonight. Have to pop to the old man's for his birthday but after that I'll get onto it.

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