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Buy an unknown rotor and box off trademe for 1500.

Wack a carb on it.

Run it on premix.

Do some underpowered skids til it pops.


If i found one i would be alllll over that! they aren't that hard to rebuild are they/im always keen to learn. 

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Throttle cable, radiator? Modified shifter for auto, drive shaft, different sump? Tach and speedo alterations? Random fadteners , cert if going on the street, will clutch master fit?

And there will be more

 Don't need any of that shit, change gear when it hits the limiter, i can fab stuff up easy as, all you need is an angle grinder, hammer, and welder. 

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so got to do an hour or two of work on this today. 


started out like this



ripped all that shit out, saved about 30kg out of there, left all the loom in, i really dont know what wiring i need to keep or chuck out so it can all stay there for now. then i chucked the dash back in, need to get some interior screws  so i can attach all the little bits of dash and trim around the place





And i got a cheap shitty bride seat and chucked that in (not mounted in this pic).



I also brought a pair of mk1's to put on it, should look good, hopefully i win another pair i am looking at getting.



I really need to get somthing to take all the nasty matte black off the car and make it look nice again.



i have a nice steering wheel on its way too ;)


So, The total i have spent on this car so far. 

$300 - rolling body

$200 - bolt in cage

$60 - bride seat

$50 - steering wheel

$600 - engine and box 

$free - replacement bumper and guards. 

$200 - mk1's


Total - $1410


not too bad, i think i can bring the total cost to $2500 with everything finished and nice

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It all essentially boils down to the fact that FCs rule.

Get this going stat Mitch.


Mitch knows the cage is shit. Doesn't intend it to hoon the car in anything official. Basically Mitch just wants to look the part, do some skids and do it all for less than the cost of a weekend for two in hamilton.


This will be you in a few months. Good lad.





Which, because its an FC will lead to:


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