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WLDRX2's .......Rx2

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A little bit .

Unbolted the garage door and rolled it out to wash the last 2years dust off it about 2 weeks ago.

I got the under dash tray repaired and relined a few months ago.

Just super busy with work this year, but the boss just paid me out for my unused holidays from this year, I  had 3 days off, so I  might treat myself to an exhaust .

But on the bright side, I've pulled the wifes b1600 apart and dropped it off at my mates panel shop.

So thats another running car I've pulled to bits ☺

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Now now dabuzz, don't be like that. 

And it's closer to 4 years between efforts.

But not this time. wait and see. Big things happening soon.

Cheers piazzanoob , I'm bloody stoked with it, and the lads at Vinny Fab did a great job.

It is hard taking it anywhere I've ended up being very protective of it, and trusting anyone is hard. But so far I've been very lucky to have dealt with some top guys, who are just as crazy and bigger perfectionists than me.






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Thanks mate. 


couldn't have hoped for a better outcome for the day.

My 8 year old engine started first pop without a hitch.

It sounds soooo good. a wof might not be a simple thing.

And I got to fang it up and down the street .


Best day ever.

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Cheers lads.

Still have a lot of little bits to finish off.

Starting it has pointed out a few things that need attention (nothing major) leaks and such.

As much as I hate to do it, it might have to come up a little bit, cross member is 105mm off the ground, that I am happy with, but the very expensive ceramic coated exhaust is only about 60mm, and may or may not have already made friends with the road.

I'm not sure if it's normal, but the mazdaspeed lsd sounds like a bag full of hammers clanging and banging away. I knew it was going to be tight, but shit.


But all that means fuck all. I am just happy I finally pulled my finger out and got shit done on it.



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