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Valiant's Valiant.


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thats cool man, but it needs to be slightly lower...

go the hemi...

Yeah I know what you mean, the low angle photo doesn't help.

I'm over low low cars now though, been there done that.

I sorted your links out.

Sweet Val.

Not a fan of the wheels so much those older 15" and larger "Superlites" are fairly fugly. Wheels are easy enough to change though, car is awesome.

Was there a problem with the link? thanks for fixing it.

Not a fan of big Superlites? Really? Each to their own.

I reckon it looks lower in person Pete!

You got fishnets in there now?

Still need to go for a blast in either of them! , Hope you got pictures of when you made your sweet buckets for the Ap..

Thanks Mr D

Yeah fish nets fitted, you got sharp eyes.

I'll get some AP photos soonish.

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Looking sharp indeed. Where did you find mags in the gay and rare early Val stud pattern? I had to buy a whole AP6 regal to get the tridents for my VG. (many many years ago)

Is that a factory E31 inlet manifold? It looks to be longer than the cain/aussie speed one.

Also is that factory Val gear knob?

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The rare wheels in the gay stud pattern turned up on Trade Me.

You can weld and redrill your axles and swap to later front brakes to change stud pattern.

My AP5 is now Ford pattern I did a similar conversion but with a 9" rear.

I don't know about the intake. I wasn't told it was an E31 part when I brought it. There are no casting marks on it so its hard to say. Yes Its very long, much longer than a Cain one. I had to cut the top off my shock thread to fit it.

No the gear knob isn't chrysler, its off a series 1 Mazda 6 sport limited. It was laying around at work.....

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wasn't there a factory 4bbl option with the long ram manifold on some of the pacers?

welcome to OS, and yeah don't take people saying needs more slam, wheels need more dish etc. etc. to heart really - thats more or less the same as people saying ummm around here, just a reflex action.

any particular plans for it? or just keep it sweet and drive it (unlike most of our cars which don't go half the time :rolleyes: )

VE is very exciting anyways.

this reminds me I need to put an ad up for my uncle who is selling a 1 owner VF sedan.

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I wasn't worried people have different opinions, thats good.

My plan for this car is to start driving it as much as I can, its spent its fair share of time on stands already.

Yes there was a 4bbl pacer may be thats where it came from.

This is a VG, it has hemi power. VE and VF have slant power.

Good luck with the sale, I'm sure it will be easy.

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Yeah they are cool cars. I saw your thread, youre one looks almost exactly like mine to begin with.

Hows the turbo conversion going?

Yes 5 speed is great, I grew to hate the 3 speed. 5 speeds make the car so much nicer to drive.

I have a 64 with V8 too. I will put some photos up at some stage.

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