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Truenotch 1982 FA50 Bonsai transporter.


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So I decided that I wouldn't put up a thread for this until I got a speeding ticket on it ..... BUT .... scooters draw zero police attention so I gave up.

It's a 1982 FA50 in 2 stroke blue


De-mirrored left handlebar,

"Re-jetted" throttle needle,

Custom 1-3/4" Muffler (Car muff converted into makeshift spannie chamber),

Reamed exhaust port,

Matched exh manifold,

2 speed auto from FS50 (but using FA50 big wheels, not FS small wheels).

Originally got this for free from a friends dad. It was in a bit of a sorry state - not running and was quite filthy. He'd taken good care of it over the years, though, and was gutted that he couldn't find the fault. Took it home and got to work. My old man happened to take a break from work at around the same time and spent ages getting it going, straightening wheels and cleaning things up. Had to replace the wiring strap using parts from my old scootercross FA50. Did all that, add fuel and oil - Brrriiiiingg**** It lived.

Since then I've changed the trans to the one from the FS, which is a 2 stage auto deal. The FS originally had a tiny wheel on the back, so I figured add big wheel and gain KPH... Worked well. Also sanded down the throttle needle that goes through the jet for more gas at high throttle. Did the muffler at the same time and it made a huge difference, it loves the fuel and when you throw the enrichener/ choke on it un locks 5kph or so.

At first it would do 70K everywhere! No problems... but since then it's run out of 2 stroke once and is probably a bit coked up so chuggs along at around 65 on the flat with no wind... pretty happy with that since it did 45 originally. The clock only goes up to 60 and the needle stops near the bottom of the gauge... Where it stops = at least 70k.



Smiles per mile are at least 1:1 ratio :P .

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Technically we aint allowed bikes on same trackday as cars :cry:

What about when we stop for lunch, just sending all the scooters out for 2 laps of extreme smokey action?

Just as a side and completely unrelated note, when eurosport ran their last trackday they did a motorkahna type thing all timed with cones set out etc for some of the day. It looked pretty epic.

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