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Truenotch 1982 FA50 Bonsai transporter.


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Yes, it gave it more power everywhere. The most noticeable difference is in the mid range pickup and it took a little bit of tuning to get it right. 


My two speed was a bolt in conversion, but it's really hard to find the right gearbox. You need a Suzuki FS50 and a late model 14" wheel with the same spline (FS50 only has baby wheels and the early FA50 has a different spline). 

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This still exists. I took it along to the @MopedNZ ride in Auckland and had a blast! Glad the weather played ball for the day.


Also received my new rear shock from @Raizer/Scooter Care and fitted it when I got home:


It’s quite different to ride now that it has actual damping control! The rear feels more planted and I can’t pogo it off the ground like I used to. 

It gained a decal too...


Now, time for a few more mods before the East Cape Escapade. 

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40 minutes ago, MopedNZ said:

I was mighty impressed by this today. Pinning it up hills on a FA50 and passing much more powerful bikes is nothing to sneeze it. 


I love this FA!

Thanks! It goes ok for an FA / Goes hard for what it is. 

The ride has inspired me to bring the FS1 home... 

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Got the FA back from @Raizer and have set about finishing the last few jobs. 


It's now got a Technigas Next R pipe from a Suzuki Lets and a Keihin carb on a 90° adaptor to sit the carb away from the rear wheel. I made up a bracket to hold the spanny in place and threw on a filter from a box of parts. 


I've been testing it today and the thing is hilarious to ride. The 2 speed FS50 trans has always been geared up massively (because I fitted a 14" FA50 wheel), so it takes quite a bit of speed before it gets on the pipe... At the moment it starts to make power above 60kph, and is pretty slow below that :D . I'll fit heavier springs to both clutches and hopefully solve those issues. 

At the moment it shifts into 2nd gear at about 35kph... I need that to be closer to 60kph so it'll get on pipe in both gears. 

Regardless, it's pulling pretty well up top: 


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  • 4 weeks later...

The uprated clutch springs have been fitted to the primary clutch. It's made a huge improvement to acceleration and often tries to spin the rear wheel on gravel as you push off. 

A also tried to fit uprated springs to the 2nd gear clutch, but it's far too difficult... I fitted one, but couldn't get the other on. It definitely raised the shift point, but you could also hear the 2nd gear clutch slipping as you rode down the road. Apparently another trick is to lighten the clutch shoes to get a later engagement point. I'm going to give it a go, but am weary about ruining the current clutch shoes as I've already used the ones from my parts bike. 

I threw the small wheels on to see how the acceleration changes. It's faster to 60ishkph, but doesn't have much more after that. I love the high speed doorts, so it's going to stay with large wheels :P . 


Small wheel pesting: 


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