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For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs


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Talk to a certifier, they are all slightly different in what they will and won't pass. For your suspension, adjustable shocks are fine its only height adjustable stuff that needs certing.

If you are talking about wheel and tyres, not allowed to contact/rub ANYWHERE on the car at all. Most stuff is very similar to WoF requirements just a little more in depth. Look up the LVVTA site and download the section of the manual related to what you want to modify.



I rub my tie rods i think on full lock, if i was to go say Tyre Master would they be able to help me out?

Am i going to be able to avoid the rubbing, if i raise the mounts?

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driveshafts need a certificate from the place it was balanced at to say its been balanced. welding of engine mounts etc can be done by a ticketed welder, but it does say that anyone deemed competent enough at welding by your particular certifier can do it as well. youd be best to talk to your local cert guy.

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yeh you'l get away without a welding ticket. long as your welds look good. i did all the welding on my cars and both went thru a cert no worries. the second car he didnt seem too worried at all, diff, turrets, engine mounts etc.. only thing he was worried about was drive shaft, witch has to be done by qualified shop as someone else said.

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hmmmm thats interesting

its easy to make a weld look good, its alot harder to make it look good and be as strong as it should be

when you do the welding tests, they dont just get you to lay a couple of beads and have a look at them, you do a fuckload of welding, then chop it up to check that its actually getting proper penetration and all that,

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