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  1. If anyone has use for a 30% off voucher for next purchase at repco next sunday 23/7 please drop me a line.
  2. I've found that the centre console has been removed at some time in the past by a gorilla and it's a bit shagged. Things like tabs where you screw them down have been smashed off and are long gone. What's the best way to rebuild them?
  3. Any recommendations for a degas? I've got to take the heater box out of an Audi TT, which apparently entails removal of the drivers seat, steering column, dash... you get the idea. I know I've got to replace the heater matrix and probably repair the box itself, so removal seems to be the most sensible option, hence attacking the aircon. I also have absolutely no idea how much it would cost...
  4. Sorry for the delay... customers, who'd have them! Has changed now. No flashing on indicators whether engine running or not - they just stay on solid. Hazards are fine. All indicators are lighting up in both cases. I did get a couple of flashes on indicators after checking hazards, then they stopped again for good. A bit of googling and it turns out to be a common problem - the relays are in the hazard unit, and they get gummed up. Unfortunately, the mountings for the hazards broke a couple of years ago, and it's held in with a bit of bent wire. A damn good shake and waggling of the connector block and all seem to be working. At least I know what to hit if it happens again. Most glad not to be learning cambus at my age... (: Cheers, Steve
  5. Yup it's a ragtop Audi TT. Nothing's been changed. Cambelt replacement awaits though ):
  6. Please delete if inappropriate Hi folks, The bosses 04 TT has started playing up ( well, tbh it's falling to bits really but that's another story ). The indicators work fine if the engine is off, but won't flash when they are. Has anyone seen this problem before I start looking for bad earths all over the car?? Cheers, Steve
  7. who's was the Fiat with the os sticker today??? Sweet...
  8. I thought the 1600 had a 28/36 on it. Last time i tried to use a pinto weber, i couldn't get the thing to idle.
  9. For my sins I trained as a geologist. By the second year of the course, the asbestiform mineral samples we used the previous year were removed... The good news... that was more than 30 years ago! Did you know.... Asbestiform minerals are actually flat, but they wrap themselves into a spiral, forming a very,very sharp needle. Once it enters the body, it wanders around until such a time as it finds somewhere to do some damage, so it can enter through your thumb and cause damage in your lungs...
  10. Like I said over on TS. Get a pipe wrench and tighten the thing up until there's no play. That'll do to get through the WOF.
  11. Thanks, I'll strip them down over the weekend and use the old ones as patterns... then it's not my fault if they're wrong!
  12. does anyone know where to get road legal braided brake hosts in Christchurch?? Cheers, Steve
  13. Classic Car Meet, Little River 1st Jan. 12 ish???
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