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  1. If anyone on here buys this, I have a spare front diff mount (possibly 2) at home sitting in the shed. Alternatively, Part Shop Max does solid mounts fairly cheap. Speaking of Regamasters.. Finally got around to fitting Semis on mine last week.
  2. Heaps of pics and vids posted in the Rotary Buy Sell Swap FB page. You need to be a member though. Some pics here:
  3. Yeah, I'll be there again in the 64 Bel Air. Arriving late Wednesday at this stage.
  4. My BT was noisey as. Drove it for 120,000kms and never skipped a beat. Daily limiter bouncing keeps them tip top. Sweet car, first time seeing it in the flesh and it's pretty damn awesome.
  5. Nice work! This thing would be a handful in today's weather!
  6. Damn that's a shit hand to be dealt!