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  1. rotor_dude

    ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms

    im only after pictures of nz tca/lower arms, thanks
  2. rotor_dude

    ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms

    cheers, my mk1 has cast tca, its only a 1200 deluxe, so according to uk it should only have pressed tca just wondering was nz different specs etc or has someone fitted HD/GT cast tca's etc as the struts i got in uk have pressed tca, i hadnt seen them before, so didnt know what they were thanks
  3. ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms anyone help with some pictures of nz front arms, the arm that goes from the crossmember to the balljoint bought some uk struts and the arms are different to mine, so just trying to figure what ball joint etc i need thanks glen
  4. rotor_dude

    POR15 full of shit!

    anyone used this stuff ?
  5. rotor_dude

    Rotary Reunion 2017

    thanks for pics, vids dang i knew i shoulda went
  6. rotor_dude

    Rotary Reunion 2017

    Sounds good, Gutted couldn't make it, Any pics or links ? Thanks.
  7. rotor_dude

    Rotary Reunion 2017

    Whois going ? Whats details ? Whats peoples experiences of the day ? Worth going if only spectating ? Thanks.
  8. rotor_dude

    Rotary Summer Drags, Who's Going??

    Blast from past Is the summer drags still going ?
  9. rotor_dude

    junglesponge's cortina

    well done lad, very impressive work car looks amazing enjoy driving
  10. rotor_dude

    junglesponge's cortina

    wow looking owsome bet your seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now keep it up
  11. rotor_dude

    GAZ mk1 cortina estate

    discussion thread ? awesome car lad, like your plans too, would love a mk1 wagon, seen one in uk where they have turned it into a 2dr, used 2dr doors and moved the b pillar etc, has a big single window from door to back, looks very cool wouldnt mind giving it a go with a mk1 or mk2 wagon
  12. very cool score mullins enjoy
  13. rotor_dude

    help please mk 2 cortina fuel pump

    yeah a new pump sounds the go, also, you could fit an electric facet fuel pump, but that would include wiring the fuel pump up
  14. rotor_dude

    Phat-Tina's Mk1 Cortina

    where did the bumper thingys come from ? as never seen them on a mk1 before ? mk2's GTE yeah what country has them ? or are they from another car and just fitted ?