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  2. Jezza’s zetec powered 1980 Escort wagon

    Some rust was uncovered on the guard mounting points when the front end was off so Craig got that all sorted
  3. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Flip that's a handy site, Thanks you main landing goddess
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  5. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Looking good man! Gonna be a wheely monster Makes me wish I'd bought the cheap one I found locally.
  6. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    I have been riding this to work lately which has been fun. I'm still confused about the jetting situation, I did a plug chop at 105 mj which looked the same as the 102, so I bumped it to 108. It is definitely 4 stroking now at wot (and under heavy load) so I'm starting to wonder if cleaner burning fuel+oil plus relatively short tests (1.2k) plus heavy load at wot (uphill, capital lyfe) is causing it to not show much on the plug. Once I find my O2 sensor bosses I think I'll weld one on the exhaust and see what my wideband says. In the meantime I'll go back to 105 and see if it 4 strokes (should have noticed when I had it in originally) then try the original 102 again, which theoretically should be the right one as this is completely stock as far as I know.
  7. Triumphant's 1969 Skoda Sabre

    Mean!! You don't see these very often.. Here is my one also in the 03.
  8. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Fired up the tig and rejoined the 2 skins and also added in a brace to the trimmed/hacked crush tube That'll do it Fits the patina look too imo. Next issue is the carb mounting, the included straight manifold fouls hard on the frame and just won't work Tried grinding the flange down but no dice. The black manifold from the carb kit with CNC carb spinner is close, but not quite putting the carb straight inline It all fits, but the carb is hard against the frame. Going to attempt to slot it a bit to gain a few degrees, fingers crossed! Lol kinda glad I didn't go for the 155HO engine I was getting, it would be a good 30mm longer again!
  9. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Plastic trim retainer/plug, boss man A few on here, measure the ID and OD required.
  10. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Managed to find a couple hours this arvo to have a bit of a play with this thing. Washed, cut then polished In the areas where the paint has been covered the last few decades it's a super metallic shiny 70's blue! Attempted to do a conversion Didn't have as much ring or ding as desired though, so it was time to attempt to fit the new engine. Very tight, but it's in! Then I noticed something with the clutch No way that is going to work, cable mount fouls the frame and the lever fouls both the frame and the engine mount bolt After looking at @BLIZZO's C50 pics for ages it dawned on me just how different the frames are, his is single skin and doesn't go much further than the engine mount bolt, whereas mine is double skin with the frame going right to the front and a crush tube between the outer skin and the engine. Wasn't much else to do but get chopping!
  11. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Pretty sure the clip is the same as the ones on the heater fascia. I’ll have a look tomorrow as have spares
  12. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    The 3 bottom ones go on the tailgate and normally the oval one goes on the bottom of the left front guard. The rest are spares
  13. Gregs 64 Ap5 Valiant

    What a day. Perfection in one photo. Rua peeler bitches (two in Maori) Gotta thank supercheap auto brake like clamps and keegan for supplying them for me.
  14. HillBilly's Rusty Austin

    Some kinda mock up. I had a dig around the local junk man's yard today and found a few parts Austin 8 front end and diff 4 rims and a grill I think is a Morris 8. Oh anyone on the west coast got a Escort or a Datsun engine?
  15. Johnnyboys 1986 Subaru Vortex XT 4WD Turbo

    How about that, I purchased another XT6, This one is special, because it's 1 of only 2 in the WORLD it would seem, It's a NZ new Vortex 6 or a ZZ6 as they were known. I've been after one of these for many years and Ironically just as an expensive "only other one" comes up on Trade me, I find the other one locally and secure it! I'm a happy boy. Let the restorations begin!
  16. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    A temporary shuffle around as the second garage gets underway. No wing mirrors? The first of five missing badges fitted Trying to work out what this clip is called Is missing on the passenger's side
  17. HillBilly's Rusty Austin

    What can I say really, it not like I needed other project. But after regretting selling the last Austin 7 I had I couldnt help myself from hitting the buy now on trademe. There is a lot more rust than I first thought but mostly in the floor and some around the front window frame and wheel arches
  18. 1952 Hillman Minx mark V

    So decided that I will upgrade the suspension so got a L200 for free. Will shorten the lsd diff and run that aswell and put 2" drop spindles on and get it nice and low. I also happen to now have a box that will bolt to a evo engine.. hmm.... I'd prefer colum change to keep it sleeper... haha
  19. Spent the day doing all the tedious stuff, cleaning rust off metal, replacing rusty bolts, springs, rust off rust off metal...painting... Lots and lots of little bits. I did order some cool bike parts off eBay, that I'll use to make handlebars etc...those may take weeks to arrive. But pretty much just waiting on to arrive.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Approved Also: Aidan may have a 3.9:1 diff head for it as it's most likely got a 4.1:1 in there now
  22. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    100% Barry owned Bless the man above
  23. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    This dude has done something similar. Must admit it looks fun... I can't find the link, but there's one with a mx 250cc motor like a YZ250 or such like, he's passing cars on the motorway pulling wheelies!!!
  24. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    I like wagons. You've done well. Was owned by a Barry?
  25. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Just dremel the 1 off that 140cm3, then sand blast it afterwards...easy as that, you now have a 40cc motor
  26. Please tell me more about these datsun half shafts. Details please. What car, adapted how etc etc Oh.. And the R1 Imp
  27. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Tomorrow's (today) mission is to degrease and wash the frame, heavy cut and polish then fill the gap with the contents of one of those parcels Also grabbed a carb etc from my stock shelf lol There seems to have been a slight mix up at the factory, somehow this ended up cast on my factory replacement 49cc moped engine... Should be good for a laugh!
  28. Ever since I got let loose on @BLIZZO's rusty trombone in Kawhia a while back I've been craving something with gears and wheelie pulling torque... Had been wanting to put a dirt bike 2t into something like an old Suzuki AC50, even lined up a cheap KTM 100 to donate it's engine but no cheap bikes popped up. Until @MopedNZ came across this old Honda CF50 in Gisborne on TM, I went and picked it up and after doing a bit of a deal with him it's ended up staying in my overcrowded shed. Gave it a few kicks, no spark and as I've got no interest in playing with 6v points systems I gave up trying to get it running. Instead I turned up attention to the paint, @Shakotom banned me from painting it so I've just been cutting it back with 1000 and 2000 wet paper Couple parcels arrived from one of my suppliers this morning, ones presold the other is "stock" Finally cleared the shed enough to get it on the lift this evening Engine fell out soon after
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