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  2. Nothing wrong with that rate of flow in my (super amateur spec) experience
  3. Diff housing, with spring pads and other assorted unwanted giblets removed
  4. Yesterday
  5. Apparently there's another one in matamata, hence beginning a south waikato vs piako district Marina van rivalry, which I have the upper hand in as only I know about it.
  6. Gutted I missed seeing your ute thursday @tortron, wanted to foam over its champagne gloriousness
  7. May well do, usually take february in its entirety off anyway. Probably take actual station wagon haha
  8. Engine code could contain the casting date. NZ has its build codes all up to whack tho Although, was the frame registered as a new build? And so the bike is an 88
  9. I would like to see an upright piano, stripped out and converted into a tool chest for this, colour matched obviously
  10. Man I fucking love these things, no idea why but I pine so hard for them over the more popular escort vans.
  11. Sounds like a tractor right now but least it sounds healthy!
  12. Exhaust shop booked now turbo flange arrived.
  13. I wonder if I could bluff some kinda official looking Yamaha document translating engine numbers into year of manufacture, if that would satisfy the wof dude? But is it true that if I can convince them it's a mid 70's bike I can jump on this classic rego bandwagon and won't need to run indicators etc?
  14. Looking good Eric I recommend you book some leave for the premier OS vehicle camping event.
  15. Sorry. That should say more instead of less. Edited it now. Under 10 seconds = scatter shield. Over 10 seconds = no worries m8
  16. Sussed out my interior light tonight, and plugged in the heater blower switch. Flicked the switch and plenty of current draw but no go.. After staring at it thoughtfully for a bit, gave the heater box a judicious kick and with a Whrcrunchsqueaksqueakwhirrcrunchsqueakwhirrrrrrrrrrr It came back to life, meaning that at this point EVERYTHING WORKS. Place your bets on what will break first now
  17. equiv. to 420.
  18. I haven't built it yet but was thinking of copying @- i5oogt -s setup with a TD03. I think a T25 is a bit larger so more lag, roll coal, and boost. All of which would make the car more awesome. I might be keen on buying a T25 off you when the Cedric is running.
  19. Bam, 2 minute job but I'll count it as a win
  20. I'll back off at 3/4 track.
  21. Does that Cosmo run an ET under 10 seconds?
  22. Might be a good day too see if I can do 30 second runs in the Stella. That's the best I'm hoping for?
  23. Already planned! Sohc RS- Diesel was what i was thinking. Surprisingly a mate just spent a mint on new Watanabes and they look like they were cast by a blind man in a dark shed. Unfortunately budget is a concern, especially if someone is likely going to end up trying to steal them. Just as well I have a history of adjusting Kyteler! What turbo is on yours? I do have a few GTR t25s floating about the garage..... Im picking up what youre putting down, but I think it needs bigger than 15, because of stupid giant front arches. I agree with Scott, stop neglecting the wedge. Someones gotta do it Scott!
  24. I've just spoken to the Meremere track manager Gary. He has said that the scatter shield rule does not apply to automatic rotary powered vehicles running an ET of 10.0 seconds or more. So @Archetype your Cosmo is eligible should it meet the WoF/Reg criteria and a quick fondle on the day by @cletus Hope this clears things up. I have edited my post above to reflect this clarification of the rules.
  25. You are making us other R30 owners look bad with ya progress Beau! Top work!
  26. J is a number right?
  27. Okie doke, bit by bit the checking starts. Just checked the fuel flow through the tap. The black line on the measuring cup is 50ml which it takes about 10 seconds to reach. Not sure on actual flow rate required but at 300ml per minute it'll empty the tank in about 17. Once my new plug cap turns up the next will be to test it with the engine running to see if it is the same. In the mean time I'll dig out my stash of sweet yellow Tygon fuel hose and shiny new clamps and replace both vacuum and supply hoses.
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