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  2. First timer last year. Its a classic just turn up bring sharns.. @Mof any photos of thoes kids that rolled the 4b? Man they were lucky.
  3. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    Fucking swoon.
  4. I went last year and didn't know many people. Would Trade again recommend A++
  5. Shhh just come. To be honest this is probably the best meet for turning up randomly without knowing many people. A lot of sharning goes on and super easy to end up standing next to people and just talking shit. Throw in a few activities like the hot pools, some people go for a drive up into the hills, and its a fucking sweet weekend.
  6. hey guys... I feel like an absolute Barney for asking but whats haps during the weekend? is it just casual meet up, piss fest, sharn ya face silly type weekend? Ill be back in the south by then, and should have another OS car in my possession.. Ive only met a handful of you fine folk so ill be the awkward weirdo in the corner...
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  8. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    @kiwi808 Awesome! That would be sweet if you could ask him! Any information would be super helpful, I would hate to Chuck money at it then the refuse to re register it, I gave the transport agency a message so I'm hoping they come back with a positive reply. Thanks man yeah I'm super stocked that I keeped it all original, it's such a comfy bike to ride as is haha!
  9. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    Getting old bikes revinned isn’t as hard as doing cars. I wonder if it is worth getting it revinned as stock as possible before bratting it? My dad has put a heap of old bikes back on the road most of which were dead reg. I’ll talk to him tonight and see if he has any tips. Also, nice work not chopping up the red bike. Looks mean stock as rock.
  10. IvyMike's 1987 BMW E28 525e

    A sham pain in your ass?
  11. Kelvinators Mini

    Thanks, The plan is to do the tappets when the replacement rocker cover arrives
  12. Kelvinators Mini

    If you happen to be going through the effort of replacing everything in the Dizzy, and mostly likely setting the timing, I would recommend completing the tune by re setting the tappets also. As they often get a bit tight over time. Keep up the good work.
  13. Jacked the body up off the chassis tonight, took a couple of goes before it came off and I was happy with it balancing nicely from where I was jacking it. Dropped it on 100mm wooden blocks so I can access most of the parts that I want to wire wheel and paint. It's going to be a fucking shit job climbing under there and wire wheeling everything but I'm to cheap/poor to send the chassis to get blasted. floors look pretty good from underneath got these weird holes that seem to be for nothing that have rusted bigger, not sure what I should do so they don't look so dodgy. Might use a die grinder and make them round again cheers Matt
  14. IvyMike's 1987 BMW E28 525e

    Nah, bought it from a guy in Whangarei. 5k.. ouch. Is it running? I'll take you up on those doors. "Bronzit-beige" apparently. Not sold on it.
  15. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    Holy fuck mate. Living the dream right there!
  16. IvyMike's 1987 BMW E28 525e

    Link? Boss rolls one of those.
  17. IvyMike's 1987 BMW E28 525e

    Did you get that off a young fella in Wellington? . Have you seen Brent from bm world is selling a m535 e28 for 5K. I have two front doors you can have if you want them. They prob need a bit of a tidy up but hay they are free.
  18. IvyMike's 1987 BMW E28 525e

    I believe the colour is champagne
  19. Discussion for this thread:
  20. Succame to something other than good judgement and parted ways with more than I wanted to pay, a 1500km trip saw this tank arrive in my driveway. I had one of these years ago and never really got to live out my intentions due to relocating so I've got around to rekindling my plans in the form of this 525e. The exterior is pretty rough, it has some rust, and a fairly knackered steering box. Grand. The plan for this at present is to sort the body out, rust being on the top of the agenda. Unfortunately it's a bit worse than I expected. Both front doors might need to be replaced and the firewall needs some attention as well. Everything else is just cosmetic. Plans beyond that I've yet to decide. I really think the colour needs to change though as Beige is the colour of defeat.
  21. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    So another deal came up for some more cb500/cb550 stuff, i couldent pass the deal up so the other week i jumped in the ute and picked up this hoard of honda goodness! The green one is actually a super good example, its all complete theres just alot of patina! the plates still in the system so that will make it super easy to get it back on the road, I really wanted to make my original cb into abit of a cafe/brat but it was just to good to hack up, and even this green one is just to good, I proabally wont have time to do the green one, so that may possibly be coming up for sale soon, but thats not guaranteed yet, but then it also came with this red one its missing a few parts, but that makes it a perfect candidate to build into to something sick! i wont feel bad about cutting bits off! theres just no plate! so im really hoping it wont be a big hassle getting it back on the road! it also came with a couple of engines and a heap of spare parts! super stocked with all this stuff! so i gave the carbs a clean on both of the bikes chucked some spare engine bits on the red one, and i manged to get them both running which is a massive bonus!
  22. Justharrys 1973 ms65 crown discussion

    Plumb secondary air pump into carb for boost.
  23. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Well done sir!
  24. Justharrys 1980 ms107 crown wagon

    Get back on the main page. Did a little work on this this evening. Put atf in the toyo-dissapointment trans got it all up to temp and went for a Hoon round the feild transmission feels healthy enough with shifting . Surprisingly the heater alsoworks really well. Something not right here Started removing all this emissions garbage. All the vacuum hoses are brittle and hard af Super cool green dash backlighting
  25. xsinclairx GS650e Cafe/Brat project

    I finally strained myself and lifted the engine from the floor to the bench! Replaced the sump as the plug threads were stripped. Not too bad for such an old engine!
  26. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    One more, for now... Back in mid January @JBlades PM'd me asking if I knew anyone after a Jog and sent these pics How could I say no?? Needs a bit of love but it was a fair price so I can't complain. Won't idle/run well and the front brake sticks on hard. The seat latch is missing, cable is snapped at the key end so I'm guessing the latch was removed instead of replacing the cable. Got it home, got it to run sort of (had to stay on the throttle, if it died it wouldn't restart till stone cold) and priced up a new latch/cable etc from Yamaha Japan and it wasn't going to be too bad price wise for new parts inc EMS from Japan, way less than 2nd hand in NZ anyway FFS. BUUUUT instead of ordering them I pushed it into storage and pretty much forgot about it for a while. Then in March I picked up a new seat latch among other parts from a local Barry... FA50 has had the kickstart welded on... backwards! but it does actually run fairly well, C50 was sold to @Shakotom before I even got home with it, really should have kept it/better it's gone somewhere that it's getting worked on rather than hoarded here rusting away waiting. Still did nothing to the Jog though, until today Pulled the carb off the parts one and gave it a good clean out Swapped it over, primed the bowl and second kick it was away and idling perfect. Encouraged by that I went onto the next issue and pulled the caliper off the parts wreck, it was sticking just as bad as the one on this but a quick clean and sand of the slides and it's mint, so I swapped the new pads from the old caliper in, fitted and bled. It actually runs really well for a stocker with either a slipping belt or clutch and loaded up with clean air emissions EGR crap! Speedo doesn't work atm but it had no issue at all keeping up with traffic on my test ride and it even pulled up hill easy as. I've always wanted to go extreme on a Minarelli engine build, think big stroker crank and hyper race cylinder, something like a 2FAST or Bidalot 96cc set up and aim for 140kph, but Sandy is in love with the Jog, so I'm thinking a decent sport or mid-race 70cc cylinder, sport pipe and variator etc and she can upgrade from her Blue Suzuki.
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