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Tomble's 1983 Starion GSR-X fumbling / hand-holding / discussion


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On 04/03/2022 at 03:14, fuel said:

You found a N/A Starion GS? like actual GS with live axle, solid discs etc? If you are parting it out, I could be interested in some parts. What colour is the interior?

  Sorry for late reply... I've been incredibly busy!

It has a NA engine but it's GSR-II.  I guess a past owner had their motor blow up or something.

I'm not 100% on what is happening with it just yet - ideally this is just a parts car but it might be a more economical to start with it as a base.  In which case I guess the other car is the parts car lol.  But yes, there will be leftover parts.... eventually.  The interior is grey cloth + leather.  I'll be snaffling some of it as the other car's interior is toast.


On 05/03/2022 at 23:24, Dell'orto said:

Is this going to be a case of buying a parts car that's too good to wreck so becomes a second project car? 

Ugh... I hope not!

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