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2 hours ago, BlownCorona said:

i dont see any reason you couldnt make one. 3d printed ones can be purchased from someone on the NZMX5 Facebook page, but i cant remember who. i also got banned from that page for consistently pointing out that one of the mods, who is also on oldschool, advice is always horrible and wrong lol. 

I was thinking I could make something out of aluminium but a 3d printed one would be easier if the guy on NZMX5's is doing it, I've joined now to try find them. 

Lol, that's a bit weird about being banned.

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Haven't had much time to spend on this but have tested the Speeduino in the car a bit more. I had a problem where it seemed like it wasn't reading the trigger signal but have it working now.

When its connected to the car it reads:

- Air temp, with a generic Holden/GM sensor.

- RPM through the factory loom

- Water Temp  

- MAP (vac line to speeduino onboard sensor)

- TPS (BMW one not on the car yet)

- Injectors duty cycle

I still need to sort out an AFR sensor and controller. Maybe I'll just use the one off the 200sx for now.

Previously it just cranked and didn't start but I was happy because it was communicating with sensors etc, this time it actually fired for about 1 second and got up to 1500rpm then died. I view this as a big success though! It does stuff! Even without the TPS fitted since I found I need to remove the throttlebody to get it off the shaft, ran out of time/daily driver things.

I can't tell if the fuel pump is running because its so quiet. Maybe it's just not getting fuel.

Also, much thanks to @Roman for printing this adapter:


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Have been driving this everywhere, bit of a tidy up and a new wof.

Took the Semi's off and put the super cats back on, man what a difference the tyre walls make it feel like the tyres are flat. Still fun but easy to out drive the grip now. Shame the semi's are so fckn loud, louder than the worst mud terrains I've had!

Haven't had a chance to do anything else on the Speeduino yet, needed it as the daily while working on other cars.

Out of interest I unbolted a spare 1.6 exhaust manifold to see how bad the collector was to see if they were as bad as Roman's ones.

Yes they are.

Welded on the inside with a thick bead which is choking it down from the head port size:




Look at how much the tube is crushed to fit into the collector!



From the inside it doesn't look so bad because you can't see the crushed bit, but based on the outside, they must be bottled necked heaps here? Why didn't they just make the cone bit a little bigger to avoid crushing down all four tubes?




Bet if I made a better manifold it'd make at least 2hp across the board.



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32 minutes ago, ~Slideways~ said:

Weird, they were working at first but not anymore. Have uploaded to OS now.

Google photos links work for a few hours or so then go dead.

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