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Found a couple more pics on my phone... pretty terrible pics sorry.. but yeah
Aoshima 1/24 Trueno

it came with engine detail and also had a spring suspension setup (basically just normal plastic struts but with teeny tiny real springs like from inside a pen)

took springs out
Lowered the body shell itself on to the bottom plate as well as chopped the back out a bit to allow the diff to really slam right down

had to cut down the firewall and sides of engine bay to allow body to go down further but massively misjudged and so had to build it back up again with modeling clay :(

custom exhaust with side exit made from alloy tubing

had a stab at making front lip and sideskirts from modelling clay

cold air induction pipe from front bumper

found some tiny rubber tubing somewhere to make into sparkplug leads

custom intake pipe and filter made from alloy and clay


its been bashed up a bit from moving house and neglect, ill try get some photos of the underside as thats where most of the work was done trying to get it sitting right while still roll freely (thats a thing for me, its gotta still be able to roll even if its not perfectly smooth, not a fan of just gluing wheels in place etc)

had an RX7 kit i never really finished that I robbed the 13b out of as well and can exchange that for the 4age if wanted





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i wish I had better pics of the R32 to be honest.. I put a lot more work into that one, especially the doors, they swung open and you could move the windows to fully down or click it back up into the raised position. modified the factory engine detail to make the turbos bigger. made individual intakes and filters instead of the plastic airbox arrangement, intercooler and piping, full exhaust etc.   the paint was like 3 different layers to and weathered to give it the appearance of a drift missile thats been resprayed in the past but skimmed a few walls at the track. you can actually see the different colours showing through in some spots.
I just remembered it originally came with a clear bonnet, probably should have left it clear but it just looked too fake so it got a paintjob too..

the AE86 never got finished, I just ran out of enthusiasm. Just had a quick look at it before and it looks soo bad now,  the paint is all filthy and coated in dust :D poor thing...

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Possibly old moulds that Italeri have acquired from somewhere.

Not car related, but I got my hands on an ancient Frog 1/72 Beaufighter kit a long time ago.  The moulds were past their best by the time that kit rolled off the line, and it took a lot of work to bring it up to scratch...  Fast forward 5 years and one of the no-name brands that popped up in the mid 2000s released a Beaufighter kit clearly made from the same moulds as the Frog kit had been nearly 50 years earlier - Same flaws in the same places, but magnified further by the extra age.

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Anyone here into building 1/24 trucks? 

I've been scratch building a tnl freighting merc skip truck. Probably the oddest truck to want to build but it just appealed to me about 27+ years ago when when I started on it. As a youngling I'd even ridden my pushy many times to the tnl yard in Blenheim and taken photos and measurements of it. It's based on an italeri kit that I have had to shorten the cab on in 3ways. Chassis cut down and converted to 2axles. Scratch built air system, underpinnings etc. 

I've not touched it in two decades and had a long way to finish. I'll get some photos if interested. 

Looking forward to quiet modelling times during a storm in a cabin with cups of tea one day :-)

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On 16/07/2019 at 22:34, Anythingclassic said:

I've seen MK1 and MK2 eskie coupes in 1/24 but never seen a panelvan.. Would be keen too tho lol

If you look on certain Japanese sites there is escort estates. Let me  know if u want the site 

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3 minutes ago, kiwi808 said:

Pics of skip truck please.

I will when I get back. Its been carefully placed in a show box for many years. 

I'd also scratch built a Volvo f10 cab out of cardboard when I was about 12-13 or so. Working interior lights, proper cloth upholstered seats etc. It even had a opening fridge with a teeny model of a can of coke in it. I'll look for photos when I'm back.  

Looking back at that, building such things at that age.. Hmmm. Maybe I was on the spectrum or whatever the trendy thing is.... 

Or just a young truck loving nerd :-)

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I'm trying to stay interested in doing 1:24 scale models, but the end result seems to be much more appealing than the actual building, but I have several kits to build, so must keep going.

Here's a couple pics of my latest build:

And here's what I'm currently working on and I cannot wait to have it finished!



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