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Mount Maunganui Small Bike Ride; 2018 - Moped NZ MC 15/12/18


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Moped NZ M.C 3rd Annual Mount Maunganui Small Bike Ride


Meet 9am, Classic Flyers, Mt Maunganui close to Bunnings. Please park trailers off site. 


Ride leaves 10am. 


250cc limit. 

All 50cc bikes/scooters/mopeds welcome. 

No new sports bikes or cruisers. 

The older and weirder the better. This is a ride for those who usually don’t get any events scheduled for their machines. 


Riding around 50km over 2-4 hours with a fuel stop and main beach Mt Maunganui fly by. 

Finishing at Rising Tide; eat their famous dumplings and drink a nice brew with the crew after the ride! 


Get out and ride! It’s what summers all about.


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One place I don’t recommend is the start venue (Classic Flyers) or the local Bunnings. We’re pretty keen to not piss them off. 

Aerodrome road is a big U shape with the start location at one end of the loop next to Bunnings and the airport at the end of the U. 

There is tonnes of parking on the side of the road at the other exit of Aerodrome road. If you follow around past the start venue, go past the airport; there should be plenty of parking there. Alternatively there is side road off the other end of Aerodrome road.

Unload and park where shown in the photo below. Meet us at the start point! 


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