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Shuzz's " I've had this since before you were born" Hilux


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Small update...

Been trying to resist the temptation to just bolt the proper bed back on and be done with all this messing about, especially as we're moving house soon & I'm making the truck less useful.

Never mind, I resisted. Added some lights and stuff.


Cut some steel up for the crosspieces, going to make a perimeter frame out of 2" angle and fill it with scaff boards.


This width will keep it legal (just) with the 33 x 12.5's,  but I may still chop a bit off as the front ones stick out anyway.


Also, was watching a "Columbo" earlier from 1991.

/ fancy SR5 for fred.


That's your lot, I'm off to bed.

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Ooh, update ?

Nah, clickbait.

Was tidying stuff out at my dads & found an aerial I had on loads of cars back in London. I probably bought it in about 86 as it was on my Imps. It also lived on two Granadas, the Consul, at least two Cortinas and ultimately, for that period of my life, the Marina I used as a getaway car when I headed for Wales. That got scrapped coz I had to crash that car,  it but I kept the twig 'safe'in a damp box in a rat infested shed.

Spent time messing about with it today and now it lives again on the Hilux.

/Circle of life



Catch ya on the flip-flop.


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Took it for an MOT, failed on the usual rear brake balance/ handbrake efficiency, a track rod end and someone finally decided to get funny about the right hand indicator tell-tale not working after 26 years.

While I was messing about fixing that I discovered I had one of these. Cooool....



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