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Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

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Took the bike on a 3400km trip around the south island for the brass monkey, great times were had and the bike ran well.

Seems to be a tad rich judging by residue on fairing behind tail pipe, need to investigate potential choke issue. Other problem is bad engine vibes relating to throttle position. Dissapears when clutch is in so not running gear etc and def engine. seems to be related more to throttle opening rather than revs. I synced the carbs at tickover as manual suggests but im wondering if there is an imbalance when the butterflys are opened more than 1/3rd ish. Will play around more and see if i can get it better, still ran good, just not as good as it should.






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Whilst at the Brass we were discussing some rad 250cc trips to do on our XRs as @Mitch.W is building one at the moment. I had lost the pine for mine a bit so decided to give it a bit of a birthday. I stripped it back a few years ago and had the frame powdercoated and what not but it was a bit smokey and I wanted a more classic XR look to it. Have also always pined the twin headlight Baja XRs which gave me a bit of inspiration.



Found a set of XLR250 Baja twin headlights pop up on marketplace so I snapped them up, also got a 1990 red tank off the same kid.



One thing I dont like about the XR was the fuel range, this engine was uncorked and was now running much bigger jets and only got like 120km to a tank. Thought shit, might as well go all out and then ordered a Clarke 15.8L (stock is 9) tank from the states. Didnt really want to spend like $500 of a gas tank but trying to find larger tanks that dont look rank for pre '96 XRs is rather difficult.


Pulled the bike down and gave it a good clean. Lots of the fasteners had worn their zinc coating off so i pulled just about every single bolt off the bike and sent it to electroplating to get them coated, they couldnt do the dark almost black zinc like factor so might zinc it will have to be



Because the jets were so big in this bike and it went so well i always wondered if it had a 280cc kit in it, the fact it was smokey convinced me a good idea to pull the head and see what sort of condition everything was in down there.\


Shes been burning a bit of oil, piston was even grottier.


And the barrel had a lovely mirror finish. Oh well, its going to need new rings and a hone, may as well get a....


Wiseco forged, higher compression 4mm over 277cc kit.

Now to wait for parts to arrive.

Have picked up a stock front fender, which i will painstakingly restore along with the side plastics and rear fender. will grab a blue seat cover, tool bag, fork gaiters then slap a decal kit on it and call it a day I think.





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2 minutes ago, johnnyfive said:

Goddam it you sonofabitch. This will be siick

We are thinking of XR250'ing east cape this year for something different, with the addition of riding there and back from palmerston north, doing as much offroad as we can

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