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Chrisr 86 fc3s rx7

chris r

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A full seal kit is about $2k. Replace the 3 piece apex seals with later 2 piece, but will still only be 2mm. Also upgrade the corner seal springs wth FD ones. Could go 3mm but you will need to get the slots done professional slotted.

Everything will need balancing.

The shit part will be if you have blown an apex seal, then it's probably done the housing too. New ones are about $800 from Mazda I think. If it's damaged the rotor well yeah, you can see how the costs start to add up, even if you plan to build it yourself.

Of course you don't have to do a full seal kit, but a good opertunity once it's open.

The hardest part about rebuilding the motor will be getting the clearances correct. Not sure if your vid covered that?

But I say go for it. Remember to drill some new ports.

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When I did a budget rebuild (only soft seal replacements and a good clean and measure up) on mine years ago I used the factory service manual, it ran and got abused ALOT so can't complain.

You know it's legit if it says you can use out of spec apex seals as long as you use old apex seal springs so it doesn't push them up too far (which is what I did as I was poor lewl)


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I should buy this rx7 and use the motor in mine until it goes bang. What I am most interested in is the factory airbox though.

oh and ness has decided she likes the sound of a bridge port. I told her she can buy the porting template and I'll have a go at it

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I reckon you should put your time and money into just fixing the engine you have. You might be pleasantly surprised at the condition inside when stripped.  That motor in above link could well have issues.. you'd never know until you get it.  Plus it'll need the counter weight swapping over because its an auto so wont be a straight swap.

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