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Ghost's 1986 Heron MJ1

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Man this car is sweet, I've enjoyed watching it's progress.

That's a port to the carbon canister.

How does it run rough? Just Idle?

These motors respond well to side draft carbs. I had 40mm Solex's on my Fiat (same motor) and it was good for 130hp in standard tune.

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It runs rough with the port blocked off, however it runs rich either way.

We misplaced the hoses between taking the carb off and putting it back on which made running new lines a little difficult (in hindsight I should have also taken photos of the carb before sending it away)..


I didn't take a close enough look before I put it back on so have not yet worked out how to adjust the mixture, just did a little googling and think it might be this "idle mixture adjustment":


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Yeah that port is effectively a breather, filtered through a carbon canister for emissions etc. Apparently people plumb it to the air filter?


With the idle mixture screw, generally its clockwise lean, anticlockwise rich. There will be a manual or something which specifies that the screw should be 2  to turns out from close. Set it 2 turns out,start the motor and warm it up, then screw the idle mixture screw slowly in till the motor starts to stumble, this will make it run too lean. Then slowly like quarter turns screw it anti clock wise to let more fuel in, you should hear the engine speed pick up a bit and smooth out. Too far antilock wise and it'll start to run poor again as it'll be rich. Should land somewhere close 2 turns out.


I used a glass spark plug to set this up on my motorbike thread, makes it an easy job but you should be able to get it reasonable good by ear.

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I didn't realise the car had 8 speakers in it until I put the stereo in, a little overkill considering how small it is.

Good quality NZ wiring too (not really to sure what this was supposed to do, wires head up towards the wiper motor)...


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