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Chris R's various honda thread including punishing modern non os daily driver updates

chris r

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So clutch master stuff

Crv on the left and s2000 on the right (gene) the s2000 need a spacer to be fitted to civics etc)




Left two are s2000 and right is the crv. 

The crv has a shorter u clip and push rod. 

I swapped the pushrods and u clip over. Will test fit tomorrow 





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Stripped the block this morning. 

Looks super clean for 300 thousand 


Bearings look a bit worn but not fucked 



I'll need to do a bit of 'porting' on the oil drains on the vtec head so it matches up with the 2L bottom end 




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Trip to wash world to blast the worse of the oil sludge off

Onto the healing bench in my 'clean room' 


Rangi de glaze 





Yes I know I should mic everything and measure it blah blah. 

If I don't measure it I don't know how bad it is so I can live happily in denial. My theory is it was running well enough and not making bad noises before so it'll be good enough to go back together as it was. 


Vtec oil pump fitted 

The aliexpress oil feed kit is as good as the manifold and valve compressor tool 


Somehow the oil is meant to magic its way through that fitting on the block. Then through that fitting and into the head 


The fitting also seperates the un filtered oil and filtered oil with fresh air and hopes so doesn't instill much confidence at all. 

What did I expect for $50...

Glad I figured it out now rather than once everything was installed and on startup 

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Gave the pistons a bath in simple Green and exoff

Before on bottom and top after the first soak 


Bit of scotchbrite and a pick for the ring grooves 



Figured out the shift lights on the orthia/crv. Had to do some modifications to the indicator so it doesn't need the ecu/module doesn't need to be there 




Inhibitor wired up 



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On 13/03/2022 at 20:47, chris r said:

The neighborhood kids were screaming so I made some of my own happy noises with the grinder and flap wheel. 


It's not vtec officer....


It's all ready for a couple coats of paint now, trying to decide between pink or purple, might go with both.

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37 minutes ago, Raizer said:


It's all ready for a couple coats of paint now, trying to decide between pink or purple, might go with both.

Pink plz with purple highlights on the Honda 

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Not shit oil fitting arrived 


Openings for the oil feed are actually at the top of the fittingand are open and not obstructed 




Past me loctite the fittings into the shit sandwich plate so they'll need to get warm to be taken out. Hopefully they aren't complete chinesium and strip on the way out 

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Fitted main bearings and crank today

Cheap and cheerful one size fits all rock auto bearings are within spec which is nice


Smidge bigger than 0.02 which is factory spec ish so that's a win 


Will do pistons/rods/arp rod bolts tomorrow. 

Attempted to fit oil pump today and managed to mangle that seal. Luckily I ordered another by mistake with my last amayama order so that should be here next week 

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Gave up on the idea of the arp rod bolts, will need to be pressed in and honed to suit. I'll just Wang the stock ones back in. They were good enough for the last build so they'll be good enough for this 

Went to assemble and rod bearing looked off 



Turns out my motor has the wider bearing which is the same as the vtec motors. 

Vacuumed/cleaned all the swarf out of the head and put the oil feed plug in 


Modded s2000 clutch master is perfect distance for the pedal. 


But the reservoir hits everything


The Facelift orthia must have a different firewall as the earlier ones share the same clutch master as the civics/integras and those need a spacer for the s2000 master to work. I'll extend the rod to suit as I don't want to wait or pay for for the genuine master 

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More clutch schenanagins 

Circlip didn't want to come out nicely 


The rod is a bit longer 


But not long enough 


Will rummage around in the bolt box tomorrow and see if I can find one long enough to barry to suit 

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bolt box came up a winner

bit of angle grinder/drill action and we are all good


crv hard line even fits pretty good


got correct rod bearings and clearances are what they are so I'm gonna send it


Assembles the rings onto the pistons, I lost my good ring compressor so grabbed a cheapie.... And paid the price. tap tap, piston feels a bit stuck so back it out and try again



Will have to order another ring set now which has ripped my undies


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3/4 ain't bad. Mains and rods torqued to spec and it spins freely which is good zuX5qTu.jpeg

More spaghetti 


Turned it into this. Vtec wire re run and run the reverse light wires 


That's all I can do on the loom until I get the motor/box into the car. Those rings are holding up the process a fair bit 

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Reinstalled the konis into the shuttle and put the yuck 17s off the orthia on 


Got drivers side front in and realised that I've got two right hand side ef forks which sucks. I thought I had hoarded more but clearly not. 

Did a service on the beagle and the 'you might need to keep a eye on it' oil leak did need a eye kept on it. 


Both sides are that bad, it'll drip onto the drive shafts and go everywhere. Atleast it won't rust I guess 

I nipped up the sump bolts which were a Smidge loose but not horrible 

Wanged the phone down and had a look at what I could see. 


I'm wondering if the $4 rock auto filter was weeping or if the oil cooler o ring has perished and is leaking. 

I'll throw another bottle of stop leak and some degreaser at it then have a look later 

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Entertaining read.

Crikey - who would ever bother to spend so much effort swapping all those bits between several similar models, rewiring things and what not just to create a slightly better non-discript Japanese shopping car?!!... 


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Shrink wrapped the block so I could make some progress on everything else. 


Barry crane setup and got the block in 


Flywheel and clutch on/torqued up 

After falling off the jack four times the gearbox just slid on with no dramas


Slave on and it all blead up relatively quickly BLsfa91.jpeg

Drivers cv/axle installed



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As the resident honda foamer, do you want this timing kit?


fits sohc and dohc from what i can gather. maybe D16a or something. belt, tensioner and 2 brackets

I ended up with it from somewhere along the line


pm me your address if you want it and ill post it

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More wiring 

Sat head on so I could figure out where plugs etc wanted to go 


Intake for the same reason 


Some split conduit and a roll abd a half of tape later 


Vtax wire is pinned into the ecu, reverse light switch wires are run to the plug and I'll pick a couple of wires from the inhibitor/auto stuff that I can repurpose for the lights. 

I grabbed a jaycar speedo corrector as the crv has a different final drive etc and it'd be nice to have a correct speedo. 

Other ring set arrived from rock and my dipstick and some seals arrived from amayama 


Got a decent list of stuff to do tomorrow, hopefully I can get most of it done and have it drivable in a week, my tuner only has a small window of time and I start a new job in a couple of weeks so it'd be nice to have everything done before then/before I loose access to the hoist at my current job 

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Got the bottom end assembled, windage tray and oil pickup on. Sump gasket pood onto the sump with black schmoo like factory. 

Replaced bypass spring and valve as it was cheap enough 



Had a cunt of a time with the crank seal in the oil pump, after about 10 attempts I got it in properly. 

Attempted to wrinkle black the rocker cover. Etch primed it in the paint booth and peaked there 


Sat the head on and test fitted the cheap headers, I'll get away with a 2.5" 90 bend off them and it'll line up nicely with the rest of the exhaust. Hopefully I can move the cat up and fit the reso and flexi in 


Unsurprisingly the dowel pins that came with aliexpress kit are shit, flop around in the head and don't for the block or the head bolts. 

Fitted the shifter cables and sat the crv shifter in to see where stuff wants to sit. I'll need to very carefully drill the firewall and miss the heater core and ducting.

I can pretend I'm a rally/race driver as the crv shifter is super tall


Mounted the oil feed plate to feel better about fighting the rings and crank seal today 



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