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How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life


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SJ was pretty cool for this ride. Ended up being a dick to start. Compression was low. Got hookups on a BBK for it. Eventually got that jammed together and into it. Had issues with it either four stroking at anything other than 1/8th throttle or being way too lean and not starting /running . Tried an assortment of jets and intake/airbox/filter options to no avail. Really needed a different carb and more fettling but that involved throwing more money and mainly time at it which I was not interested in doing so with that out it went. Sold it for enough to break even.


yeah nah good riddance. I learnt my lesson.

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So with the SJ out of my life and a clear head, I dragged the vino out from under the tarp it had been sitting under up the back yard.

story behind this Is I got a phone call from a guy I used to work with saying ‘im having a clean up and I’ve got this scooter taking up space in my shed. it’s an asian Vespa looking thing. It’s been crashed and I can’t get it to start.

I was like aw yeah, could be worth a look, took my trailer just in case, had some yarns and dragged it home.

Turns out it’s a Yamaha Vino.

It has been crashed and has a few cosmetic scratches on the plastics and a whole a bunch of broken plastics on the LH rear but managed to source the missing/broken bits from Zebradude, albeit off a Vmoto Milan and a different colour but not bothered as at least it’s complete now, -might colourmatch it and jam some paint over it at a later date.

Pulled the carb off, cleaned it, charged the battery and fresh gas and yeah sweet it runs. Cleaned out the oil system and filled with fresh Motul oil, Bought and fitted a new 3.50-10 rear tyre as it was junk. 

Gave it the same Slam and underglow treatment as the SJ. Any lower in the back will need fuel tank relocated/modifications and the front tyre  pretty much rubbing on the cross of the forks.

Took it for a ride this evening and it seems to move along well.


pics from the good side at a distance on full droop on the stand. 

Good Smoko runner tbh



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