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Y30 Gloria Wagon

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Went and did some weekend wagon work, this weekend been.

Needed to grab the old man's trailer so I could pick up the ute flat-deck that JWG bought with a B2000 (that I had also picked up earlier in the week). Whilst I was grabbing it, I threw the L24 from the 110 on it and brought that home. Problem was that apparently the weight of the L24 was enough cause this;


So, definitely need to lip the guards a bit better as well as get some new shocks for the rear at the very least.

It didn't rub as bad a few months back when I collected this for Joseppi..


..so I can only assume the L24 is either heavier or the shocks in the rear are more fucked now.

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So this thing has never had a back seat since it has been in the country. 

I just bought one along with matching belts, etc. ex-Japan.  Who knows how long it will be for the container to arrive but if nothing else it will be a little bit more saleable with a rear seat. 

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After seeing @scootersfender mirror conundrum I remembered that I had C31 Laurel fender mirrors that I used to use on the C110, I won't be using them for that anymore so I thought I'd try them on the Gloria.

Angles are a bit off but not too bad. 

They'd be an OK one to look out for, for you as well, @scooters


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