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Yoeddynz and Hannah's HB Viva Wagon Discussion


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What type of dizzy cap do you need?

The early Delco style?

I think so? Its the type that's held down with two little spring clips (Oh that just includes almost every bloody dizzy cap out there ever...)  . They dont seem to sit perfectly flat ie doesnt locate as well as the good old D25 type dizzy cap. I'll get a photo...


Good luck!

Need to put bonnet on to maintain secret sleeper identity. With the bonnet off everyone can see what a hot rod it is with your massive air filter and all

This is true! Only just last night on my trip to the beach I had not one but two Tiidas and one Demio trying to take me on for a race..


Surely the coke bottle styling the and fantastic wheels will win over the WOF tester?

Yes! That's the plan. He is a classic fan and dailies a El Camino :-) He loves my other Viva so  I shall win his heart again with the Viva style. Who can resist the Vauxhall Viva...


Yeah wrong car I know.. but I couldnt find an HB advert!?

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Well I made it to the wof. It's in good hands...


I have learned to ignore the temp gauge.. it tells lies. Maybe wrong sender for the cluster I'm using that's the old one from Viva one.

The fuel gauge ain't working. The alternator light randomly comes on. The speedo cable has now snapped at the other end !

But I made it and now I eat pies while I wait for the result.

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