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12 minutes ago, Seedy Al said:

Would love to check this out when you are done.  Slash should have a jz race lol.

Would love to Allan and also feel free to get in touch for a looksy. We can almost see where you live which gives us the perfect viewing point for max revs down the motorway.  

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5 minutes ago, myk00l said:

Shit, I was the first oldschool member to own this. Got it from The Loot for $200. Then sold it to @Spencer . Then I think went to @pies then @Seedy Al?

I got it from @piesand yep its been owned by all you OGs.  First drive felt so good as guessing you guys got it as a non runner? 

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How good! So stoked for you it's getting closer to being fully complete. 

Cheers for the hoons.

Wish I could afford the bags, ride comfort was unreal and unexpected (never been in a car with modern bags and its awesome.)

All the:

Comfort of standard height  with no body roll

Ride height of cut springs without the spine jarring over bumps. 

Shout out to Ace Auto Wreckers for hooking us up that alternator. Legends. 

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