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  1. Hey everyone, Better jump on the van wagon band and post a build thread about my mk2 van. Purchased from Alexandra, taken off the road to tidy it up and fix the rust. That was a couple of years ago, so ill play catch up with my posts to get it to the current state. Pretty standard apart from the 1600 and us800 mags. Mags and massive exhaust tip were the first to go This is how it sat before being taken of the road Plan is keep the 1600, panel up the windows and a few other bits
  2. Well had this for ages, drove for several years then rust got the better of it. But time has come for restoration
  3. This is my Mk2 Escort Estate project which I started about two years ago. I wanted to share what I've been doing up to this point and once I'm caught up, keep you guys updated on my progress. Build Thread:
  4. Back in 2015 dad and I took a road trip to Gisborne to pick up a Mk2 escort estate after buying it for $450. Put it on a trailer behind the Accord and made a 12 hour road trip home. This is the next morning after giving it a decent water blast and getting rid of the cockroach infestation that was living in it. The car came with no motor, a gearbox hanging from the rear engine mount, a fart cannon exhaust, little to no interior bar the headlining and dash cluster, steering wheel, column and pedal boxes, full glass, escort steelies all round, plus some other crap in boxes in the tray area. The plan at this point was to put a 2l pinto in it and a type 9 box. I very optimistically (read: naively) hoped to have it running in time to drive it as a daily once I got my restricted (six months later). A couple of years earlier I was given a 205 block pinto of unknown history from an ex-workmate of my dad's with the intention at the time of putting it in a 1928 ford pickup projects that never really got off the ground. So instead it sat around on a pallet until that morning when we dropped it into the hole and bolted it up to the 4 speed that was already in the car to check clearances and see what would have to be done.You'll notice too the set of cheviot turbo mags wrapped in yu-long-dong brand 175/60/13s front and 185s rear (these will be changed to a decent set once it's on the road). The mags were given to me by another friend of my dad's as payment for him rebuilding a front cross member for his genuine Capri Perana. After dropping the motor in and standing back to have a look and fizzing about it, the door was shut and so ended day number one. Discussion here:
  5. Well I got me another van Plans are bright yellow, chrome bumpers, Mexico front lip, fishnets, 13x6 superlites and a 2lt Pinto + 5 speed type 9.
  6. Discuss it here. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/63775-bantams-1977-ford-escort-xl/
  7. After selling my Mk1 2 door, I brought a 1995 WRX Sti type Ra because who doesn't lust after rally spec cars. Hell of blast, but I want to keep the km's down as I see it appreciating in the future. I needed something that milage or a few shopping market dents wouldn't worry me too much. Found this on fb down in the south island.
  8. Been following this forum for a while and been meaning to start a build thread so here go's. I have had it close to a year all ready and have not been keeping to good a photo history unfortunately. A year or so ago I started a new job that came with a company vehicle which allowed me to sell my late model Navara freeing up some cash. About the same time we bought a lifestyle property outside of Hamilton that came with a converted pig shed at 130 square meters. So I thought I should get my self some sort of toy. I started looking for something american but decided that seems though we had a mortgage and a young family I could not justify the money required to get something decent. So I decided to look around for a tidy Escort. I used to play with old fords when I was younger....had a MK1 Escort van and a Consul 315. So I picked this up at a good price. A chick had it before me and it was her first, and only car. And as she discovered a 40 year old Ford is not really ideal for either of those.
  9. Hey guys, been lurking for a while and thought I should get around to posting a build thread. I bought my Escort about 6 months ago. Previous owner had bought the car from new and drove it until he died. Only 136,000kms, a lot of which were at highway speed between Chch and Rangiora. Interior was in great condition, body had a few scrapes but nothing major and was basically rust free. Probably going to be pretty slow progress to lack of funds, but will hopefully get painted over this summer. Discussion thread
  10. Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43865-mofs-1979-escort-panel-van/ Hey OS This is probably going to be a long slow process but ill try post when I can Because we're going to the US later in the year I don't have any moneys to spend on it yet, so im doing what I can for free Bought this van about a month ago Most of the hard work has been done, the panel work is pretty good but the wiring and running gear is not good There's a couple small bubbles of rust, 1 in the r/h door front corner, and one on the corner of the bonnet. I haven't found anywhere else...... yet Heres some starting photos, I borrowed these from the old owner as they are better than dim lit garage pics. Someones modified the dash and made it a 5 dial And this isn't original right?
  11. Hi all I'm about to start on a 2l pinto conversation on my mk2 escort panel van and am wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or pointers. It was originally an auto so the tunnel is big enough. I have purchased everything from radiator to diff but know nothing about these engines so any info would be great. Cheers Matt
  12. Hey I’m new to oldschool but want to share the entire build of my 1980 mk2 ford escort estate and thought this would be the best place to do so. We picked her up a couple of years ago so that I could have a project throughout my high school years.
  13. OK team, it all starts this weekend and I thought I would kick off my first build thread post. I got my first car when I was 16. A poo brown 1979 Mk2 1300 4 door. This was alright for a while but it wasn't long before I managed to find a red 1980 Mk2 1600 Sport. This was purchased for $1000 and had a wof and everything. I put in my race motor and raced round the streets of Wellington. I think it was the loudest car around. Unfortunately rust was ripe in the Sport and I figured, being an apprentice mechanic, I would strip it down, fix the rust and rebuild. Well stripping it down I found it way worse than I imagined and it got brushed to the side while I found myself a new toy. The car got sold as it was and that was it. What an idiot I was. I always regretted selling it and when I finally decided to try and get my hands on another, prices had skyrocketed and I have spent the last 17 years always keeping my eye out but the dollars asked for anything close to what I want was well out of reach. In December, my wife was dropping a colleague home and spotted something red with a Ford badge in the corner of their garage. She asked what it was and it turned out to be the husbands 1980 Mk2 1600 Sport which had sat there for around 10 years. She came home and told me about it. I had her arrange a visit for me despite the car not being for sale or anything and a week later he had pulled it out of the corner and I was looking over this thing. It was stunning. It had a pretty average respray on the exterior which was starting to bubble but all the usual rust spots were incredible. Then, he asked if I wanted to buy it, things fell into place and it now has a new owner. The idea is to take it back to showroom condition. The photo of the paperwork it has is pretty much a testimate to just how good this car is. I will build a bit of a build list but will pull everything out, start a shopping list, freshen the motor, rebuild brakes and do a respray and see where we end up. I will keep this as up to date as possible but I can not wait to be out cruising the streets of Wellington with my wife and daughter in what is pretty much my dream car. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/58013-bams-1980-mk2-escort-1600-sport-discussion/
  14. So we have my lil 76 Escort here. which has been a looooong build in progres. About 5 years in the making. over the next couple of days I will be making a full build thread but this is the first post.. so enjoy
  15. Went to start up my Mk2 Panelvan, left it too long... engine has siezed. Any tips to unseize it (preferably without taking the engine out of the car)?
  16. my mk2 escort shes not mint but runs well and has been a reliable daily driver for the 5 or so months ive owned it there is a patch of rust bubbling that I think ill need cut out and welded back up for next wof in November im hoping to sand it back and prep for paint early next year so if anyone has any tips that would be very helpful sometime next year I would also like to put a 1600 in it but im happy with the 1300 for now will post more pics and what not when shit gets done its a slow process tho lol Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40977-1979-ford-escort/
  17. Went and had a gander at this and put a deposit on it about a month ago, and finally organised myself to go get it yesterday. Formerly owned by ESKIN8R who i think originally chopped it up and put it together and then Zebra Dude, who got it painted and sorted the draw bar etc. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/26688-zebra-dudes-esky-van-trailer/ (photos are down) I knew i was in the right place! (you will know their works by the trail of bodies) Needed the lights wiring up, + some beers and Ben didnt finish till 6, so by the time it was ready to roll it was pretty late! Ran the gauntlet no troubles at all, and tows well, will go even better with some weight in it. I also managed to convince Ben to through in some schwweeeet rims. In case you are not a wheel aficiondo, they are * 13 x 6JJ * CHEVIOT * TURBO * Anyway today started getting into it, cut down the roofies from the van ( ) hung a gas bottle from a handy attachment and pondered on how to cram a LWB sized vans worth of camping stuff into half an Escort... Solution - Make the small thing bigger with Extentions! Roll * 13 x 6JJ * CHEVIOT * TURBO * to entice only the hottest classiest babes into the stabbin cabin. Need to buy some hardware to mount the doors then start thinking about the interior. Its basically going to be a bedroom for the boy + bathroom and kitchen that I can tow with the 2300, 125 or my daily
  18. Here it is, latest addition-owned it a week, the most money i've EVER spent buying a car. Why? cos i'm an idiot & was looking for something old school & tidy that didn't need rebuilt......... & the avenger's getting tattier AND I STILL CAN'T FIND THE BLOODY CRANK WE NEED FOR IT'S NEW MOTOR!!!!!!! Crap picture, take more tomorrow- the others are too big to upload. Anyway, it's the budget model- 1300 automatic, it's straight outside & really tidy inside, now the tyres have been pumped up it's a little less pathetic to steer. That about covers the good bits (cept the auto bit) The work that needs doing; sort engine over heating had a new w.o.f when i got it - tail lights dont work! service the autobox- oils black & sluggish gear changes surely theres more power in there somewhere, it'll crack 100kph JUST!!!!. can't see it handling a club run in the country yet looks like exhaust needs a bit of sorting too Theres no plans to modify it much at all ( unless i can't live with the slushbox then i'll get a manual for it). Theres been some talk of engine swops, but the avenger's gunna supply the horsepower fix & handling wise it's the better car of the 2
  19. In here you all can crucify or praise me for my choice of such a pedestrian form of transport. 2 of my kids love it, no. 3 has a diseased bias towards GMH . Apparently there's no cure for that. Slept on it last night, i'll keep it for a while but the search is on for an avenger wagon, showing my bias now.
  20. Hey all. I need a little help on my mk2 cortina 1300 engine. I cant seem to get the motor to start or even pop or bang. I put the tdc right with the no 1 cylinder on the compression stroke to the top. In pic 2 I have put the distributer in and this is where the rotor sits at tdc. In pic 3 I put the rotor cap on. Which is the order I put the plugs on? im not a hundy which plug goes where on the distributer. Any help would be appreciated. Just so you know its a 1300 with 1600 valves and gt cam. Im using a crc jump start not fuel.
  21. Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51814-footeys-1980-mk2-escort-shinanigans/ Right lets make a start, I brought a 1980 mk2 escort back in late 2011 for 900 as a runner rough but legal (somehow) standard 1300 thought it was all dandy, these are the only picture I have of it back then lovely amber orange (puke)
  22. Discussion here - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49350-brend0nzs-1969-ford-escort-mk1-coupe-discussion/ Hey Guys and Gals! Im a 21 year old Diesel mechanic apprentice. Originally from Nelson but now living in Wellington. So I finally got around to getting my esky off the road and can now begin working on it to get it mint! I bought this car 2 years ago off a guy in the Wairarapa. Im from Nelson so he drove it over the Rimitakas and i met him at the airport, then i ferried it back to Nelson.. I had only owned this car for around 5 hours and i already had a list of mechanical faults that needed mending. Over the hill it blew a huge hole in the headers and was making a hell of a racket. The points decided to seize shut after i turned it off to board the ferry. Half way home from Picton the alternator stopped charging which left me stranded in the dark at 12am in the morning in the midde of nowhere. Safe to say i was introduced to owning a old school car the hard way, anyways my faith in the esky lived on. 1600xflow Mild cam Unsure of carb size, its off a 2l pinto tho i have been told Good set of flows 0.002" oversize pistons Has had some head work, unsure exactly what 4 Speed box 4.4:1 diff First pic is the day morning after i got it back to Nelson, Below are the pics of its condition when i begun.
  23. Bought this sport back in September 2011. With it needing a few jobs to bring it to standard.
  24. Mana

    28/30 DGVA

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone would know were the best place to get a 28/30 DGVA? or something of an equivalent nature. And best way to get it tuned? Cheers mana.
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