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  1. So I've still got the escort I haven't posted anything for a while and work has been slow but I finally decided to take it off the road and get it painted it's been a while lol also looking for a new bonnet if anyone has one around
  2. Hi guys I've been on here a while now and never come to a meet will come to the next meet and look forward to meeting everyone especially now my car is going...
  3. long time no post, the escort has been running since november and warrented since december i have been cruising around in it over christmas . i have new nolothane bushes in the whole front end and new front struts, has been a long time but its awesome to get to drive it i hope to get the paint sorted in the next few months
  4. Haven't posted in a while car still not going but the engine is in the hole looking sharp just got to put the distributer in and one of my adjuster nuts for setting valve clearances has cracked so not keen on using it, have organised to pick a new one up tomorrow so hopefully it will make noise in the next few days
  5. ill have to look closer at the old rings i didnt notice any broken rings but then again i hadnt looked or thought about that, pretty excited to get the car going again tho its been a while
  6. so this is what went into the cylinder 2 bits of steel could be a broken washer from the carb? cant find anything obvious tho, ive got a carb rebuild kit on the way and going to get a new alternator or put a new bearing in the current one. will update on the engine tomorrow ill hopefully be finished as theres not much left to do
  7. yea i dont think id sell it ae hopefully it will be on the road for summer, i dont work at the butchery anymore so you wont see it in the car park anymore
  8. yeah i found 2 small bits of steel.. unsure of where it came from my guess is that it had been sitting under the air filter and finally got sucked in, i still have the steel ill get a photo. the rust was just rust there was no repair although there is a dodgey repair where the spare wheel sits
  9. cleaned the engine bay and painted the brake booster, have almost finished getting the motor together so will be in the car soon!
  10. so ive finally started the build of my engine, have got main bearings big ends, full gasket and seal kit timing gear kit my crank got polished, new gudgen pin bushes in the pistons new piston rings my head is off to get skimmed and the valves re seated so progress is happening I painted the block and will paint the head when I have it back.. super excited cant wait to drive the fucking thing!
  11. so the knocking sound wasn't a bearing something has gone through the carb and into number 4 cylinder and bashed the shit out of the piston and the head... have just filed the piston a wee bit to smooth it out, the head doesn't seem too bad the valves still seal so that's a good sign. will throw some a head set, bearings and rings at it any way also im thinking of putting a lumpy cam in there while ive got it apart
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