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  1. Picked up one of these tonight, should come in handy.
  2. Cheers man , the wiring for the dash was all over the show (kill switches etc) so i ripped it out so i can tidy it up, also the 2 dial dash had smashed glass and the lights didnt work so ill be replacing that . Im still undecided whether i will go with the bubble arches or not, they are definitely a good look but i might go for something a little different.
  3. Got into the interior today , Got the missus in there as well. Lol. Found a few rust holes, will have to address those, the wiring is an absolute mess so ill tackle that maybe next weekend.
  4. Yeah man i love them too . Plans at this stage are to tidy up the interior, get it all nice. Panel and paint. Fit some bigger and better flares. And rebuild the engine. No doubt a few more things will be done along the way
  5. Did a little today after work , started taking apart the front end and sanded back a few rust spots and sprayed with zinc for the meantime, Bit of rust where the guards were put on .
  6. Discussion Thread, Please post anything you have to say on here. Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated!
  7. Discussion here - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49350-brend0nzs-1969-ford-escort-mk1-coupe-discussion/ Hey Guys and Gals! Im a 21 year old Diesel mechanic apprentice. Originally from Nelson but now living in Wellington. So I finally got around to getting my esky off the road and can now begin working on it to get it mint! I bought this car 2 years ago off a guy in the Wairarapa. Im from Nelson so he drove it over the Rimitakas and i met him at the airport, then i ferried it back to Nelson.. I had only owned this car for around 5 hours and i already had a list of mechanical faults that needed mending. Over the hill it blew a huge hole in the headers and was making a hell of a racket. The points decided to seize shut after i turned it off to board the ferry. Half way home from Picton the alternator stopped charging which left me stranded in the dark at 12am in the morning in the midde of nowhere. Safe to say i was introduced to owning a old school car the hard way, anyways my faith in the esky lived on. 1600xflow Mild cam Unsure of carb size, its off a 2l pinto tho i have been told Good set of flows 0.002" oversize pistons Has had some head work, unsure exactly what 4 Speed box 4.4:1 diff First pic is the day morning after i got it back to Nelson, Below are the pics of its condition when i begun.
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