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  3. Or a big high amp chocolate block connector?
  4. I don't know how big the motor is, but the Dean's connectors used by RC cars can do 50a continuous
  5. talk about wagon here does anybody know the production numbers of these things? I can't imagine these were ever a popular car in wagon form.
  6. jackeo21

    J21's '83 Toyota Corona MKII Wags

    Eventually got tired of the high life and found some cheap Hayashi Street CR mags with good tyres. Found springs at zebra that fit result: I think I'd like to bring the front down some more, the back sits just a little lower. I found some unknown mitsi shocks for the rear, and had bushings machined to suit. Such a huge improvement from the boat-like handling characteristics it previously represented. I just installed standard front shock inserts to get the front stiffened up. New Nolathane went in all round, too. On the lookout for a diff, this one has done nearly 300K and it makes some pretty terrible noises, not to mention both wheel bearings need replacing. The plan here is to sort another replacement diff (E312), new brakes and bearings/seals/clean and then install. To keep me busy until I sort the diff, I went ahead and tracked down a 1G-GE, courtesy of a fellow GX enthusiast. Sold in an unknown cond. I didn't really know what to expect. This should be a big improvement from the asthmatic SOHC 1G, having double the valves, bigger ports, and a cross-flow head. Although it won't be as simple as cleaning it up and putting it in, as it turns out it ran bearing number 2 and churned the metal filings from said bearing around the engine. Thankfully, the leaky SOHC 1G I pulled out earlier has put its hand up to donate the crank and rods. They have the same sized mains, too. (later 1G engines had different sized main bearings). That's all for now. Once the SOHC motor is pulled down and the crank and rods are test fit I'll send the block off for a dip and the head to be machined.
  7. Since selling off my other projects and dedicating most of my available time to this barge I figure it deserves a project log. Nobody wanted this, it was for sale on TM for aaaggeess until I thought to see if the seller wanted a ute. Thankfully, the answer was yes, and a deal was made to swap cars later that night. However, arriving to collect this, the bonnet refused to open, the exhaust was half falling off, the tires were low, and she ran on 5, but I had to have it. The deal was done and it chugged along to the nearest gas station on as many cylinders as it could, where no visible issues were present. Air in the tires, and a quick window clean saw us headed over the harbor bridge back home wondering if we'd even make it. Sure enough we made it back late that night. First thing out was the huge "fart cannon" muffler, and since it's my only functioning vehicle, I used it for the following two days until the warrant expired on Friday, and then went and got a fresh WOF on the Saturday. First Order of business was to clean it, and investigate the misfire. After a week of diagnosis I finally found the issue - the wires inside injector plug 2 didn't reach the injector after that was sorted it was relatively smooth (but far from quiet) sailing. At this point it looked like this : Although that didn't last long. Pulled the window tints due to not enjoying having window tints. Replaced weird wrong 5 stud spare wheel with a 4 stud one. Power steering pump seal quit life and shat oil across the entire engine bay, fan assisted. Replaced pump. Gearbox rear seal and sump pan gasket, rubber trans lines, along with the engine front main seal thought it would be fun to leak lots and drain the entire gearbox overnight. Lifter tick got annoying Removed whole engine and gearbox with pleasure Installed 1G-E and auto from later model cressida = success Problems = solved Problems left to solve = shitloads lots
  8. The engine is the real project on this eventually I'll pluck it off and put it in something else cool for now though I'll keep at it fix what breaks, brush up on my welding and get my head around turbos by building this whole setup from scratch. I need to figure out electronic ignition for this as well I'd like to use coil on plug for compactness and the decent output they can provide.
  9. Asked a mate to carve out some foam core for a project, he declined as he didn't want the dust through his shed. He did however have a spare machine knocking about that I was welcome to make a mess in my own shed with! Gotta get me one of these toys, so simple and easy! Cores will be used for a carbon fibre rifle stock, hopefully pics to come.....
  10. DB8-TypeR

    Honda 4Mini Dax and Chaly builds

    Finally got the Chaly running with new exhaust/carb/head Had got sidetracked when I only noticed one of the intake manifold threads was stripped after I swapped the head. So then ordered some threaded inserts off aliexpress that were M6 inner thread and M9 outer. Then once i had everything attached it just wouldnt start, no compression..... checked all the headgasket and things Id done and couldnt fault it but when kicking it over it would just chuff air and fuel back out the carb. Did some thinking and decided to check valve clearences (which id set before I put the head on) and dontcha know it, the intake valve was tight as. Loosened it up a bit and first kick it started. So now its running and have ridden it around the driveway, need to order some jets of ali to get it right, idle jet seems a bit big and a unknown size, main jet is a 75 at the moment which shouldnt be far off. Have been using the spacy as my daily for the last 7 weeks or so (probably should register it...) and apart from blocking the carb a couple times it been good. Quite fun to ride and offers a bit more wind protection on the cold mornings than the DJ1 ever did. Hopefully be able to commit some finances to getting the Dax finished by the end of the year
  11. kws

    KwS's TVR

    It also depends which Barry went out and bought that days wiper arms
  12. M_C

    M_C's '69 Escort V6 Coupe

    Gave myself a bit of a scare looking at the date of my last update and how young my kids look in the pics. When did this become an annual update...? Amelia has been promised to learn to drive in Felicity and is pretty keen so time to get it done. Wife wants to move house again which may not help progress. Anyway that's enough waffling for context, time for pictures. Spent some time trying to setle the mystery package pinto properly into the engine bay. Removed the brake master cylinder to give more access for trying to get the headers to fit. Be rude not to have a look inside as yes, it's been quite a while. Coby extractors were being difficult and anyway I am pretty keen to get the banananana headers in there. How hard can it be...? Hmmmm, that's not going to work. And the sump is hitting the cross member and steering rack. Even after replacing the square rubbers with taller round donuts it was still not a happening thing. The wish list has included a World Cup cross member for a while so when one came past I grabbed it. And what do you know, it works! We have clearance, Double bonus! Will tickle up the ragged holes which is how I managed to get it in the first place. Here is the beautiful customised sump. I think I'll blow some black paint over it and call it done.
  13. Niiice. I just threw the tacho from that out not long ago
  14. Aubs

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    Alright so after that fieasko with the bike trying to kill me hahha. Brought these hammer downs bars sooo sick in love... But as one pain in the ass problem goes another arises.... dun dun dun So some twit in there wisdom.. got 1inch bars and choped and weld in 7/8s grip ends just to really make me need a beer hahah. So bars are on found some 1inch clutch and midified the break booster to fit. Brought some grips ect so just wating on them and good to go
  15. Hi everybody. I have just registered for the ride. My accommodation is sorted. I will be bringing Gemima which some of you will recognize.
  16. datto_610

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Yeah boi. Can also confirm does hectic skidz. Ask @JustHarry...
  17. rotorhoe


    Update on the open chequebook: It has been up North getting work done for compliance, and so far has 15mm to go until the chassis is completely straight, and the front inner guard has been cut off to straighten out any creases caused by the impact. The creases were a fair bit more than thought, up under the strut tower and the engine bay was pretty bent, but it's had a massive weight attached to it and pulled the creases out where possible, and then will be softly hammered with Billy Mavs back into place. But the headlight surround area is too smashed, so a new piece will be made and welded in. Coming along nicely, it's just a shame to not have any control of it as a project at the moment. Most of pics go to Instagram as I forget to update here so much. Feel free to follow along @theamyable.
  18. locost_bryan

    KwS's TVR

    Reading between the lines, the Tasmin changed considerably over its seven years, as the Ford and BL donor vehicles changed, and the online discussions amongst the Wedge enthusiasts suggest there were a few variations of the wiper arm length and shape. All part of the fun with handbuilt cars.
  19. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    Faaaarkin’ finally! Only took 6 months and parts from 5 countries.
  20. ThePog

    KwS's TVR

    When my father had the reliant scimitar he had a wee book manually typed out and photocopied by some BL foamer that listed all of the parts in the car and which car they originally came from, I remember the door handles were from an Allegro which loled me. About 10 years ago he had decided to sell the car and offered to give it to me, I stupidly declined
  21. kws

    KwS's TVR

    Yeah, got that a while back. I love that they started the manual, got about half way through and then kinda just gave up on part listings, and even some diagrams. No one needs that half of the manual lol. Not that it matters, it's all tvr part numbers anyway, which doesn't correspond to the donor makes part numbers and there isn't really an official crossover guide. I do have a spreadsheet that someone created with a lot of crossover parts, which I'm adding to as I go, but otherwise Google is my friend. The wedge (especially the Billy basic looking Tasmin) is a very marmite car. You either love it, or hate it. I happen to love the weird boxy and wedge shaped cars of the 70s and 80s, so that's a win.
  22. 2strokeracer

    Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Unfortunately 3 of these have had the engines taken apart and left open for many years by the look of it. Im not sure why either I only met the owners son and handed over the money and loaded them up. Picked them up in mamaku which is a fairly questionable area so hopefully they were aquired legitimately.
  23. Ive been fucking around with it so long now its been refined if anything its overbraked and cant spin a wheel on anything but gravel because its got so much traction. The 2 guys at work who have ridden it are motocross riders no way I'd let anyone with no handling skills near riding it.... ever What it does well is make heaps of noise and makes going fairly slow a heap of fun standing up your sense of self preservation kicks in pretty early.
  24. kicker

    Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Also mine was in a similar state when I got it, engine seized and the paint was and still is a bit shit hence the new scheme.
  25. kicker

    Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Sweet, cheers for posting pics @2strokeracer and nice to meet another owner. Did they say how they ended up with so many?
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