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  2. kws

    KwS's TVR

    Aeroflow is the big bucks flash stuff, but that hose is scary as hell. There isn't a mm of that hose that doesn't have cracks in it. I expect it from cheap Chinese (or expensive knock off) hose, but not name brand stuff.
  3. flyingbrick

    KwS's TVR

    That new wheel is real nice. That hose is sad, awroflow is supposed to be a decent brand- imagine if any cara had oem hose that failed that bad that quick!!
  4. Is that what you were on last year? on that last day we were very evenly matched! Two hours of drafting and overtaking, then being drafted and overtaken, then drafting and overtaking again. That was one of my highlights! (there were many) This year I wont have a tent and bed roll. So I might have an extra .333333kph top end at full tuck. LETS DO THIS!
  5. BlownCorona

    KwS's TVR

    hmmm ive got a small section of that aeroflow 400 on the corona that perished in a mater of months after install (wasn't new when i got it, but still) i think ill steer clear of it forever.
  6. Is this the one with the punt in the butt?
  7. brocky41

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    I can answer for myself you know - I have good bonnets... Just don't want to part for them for the above reason. Getting one glassed though might be a good idea though if more people want them - they are pretty heavy too for all those cedric racers out there.
  8. kyteler

    PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    Nicely done man, only thing I would suggest is ditching the poo Ram-flo air filter.
  9. nels

    Nels Hb viva build

    Finally got the bulk of the headers done down to the collectors. Just need to add a bend at the bottom to make them easy to blank off and flange further in. all brake lines also done.
  10. Carsnz123

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    2 years ago was getting the cert plate attached and a wof done on the Friday morning. Got chucked out for a chip in the windscreen then rolled by the cops on my way to the glazer to get it repaired. Had the screen changed/recheck done by 5 pm and left chch at 5:30.
  11. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    I almost cannot be fucked with this, too scared to split the cases in case the gearbox is worn out or damaged, I should be putting the time into my other bikes.
  12. HKM400

    HKM400's 1976 Land Rover Series 3

    Been distracting myself with some work on this. My Subaru was stolen on Monday sadly, and it has been a very eye opening experience in terms of the police, insurance companies and the shitty side of the world in general. While not an OS car, as some have mentioned- a classic regardless. Mine was a really tidy and original example, and I had some great restoration plans ahead. I am still hopeful I will get it back. Anyway, I decided to paint a few bits this week including the front bumper and the door tops- which are mostly made of rust now it seems. Surprisingly, Supercheap could mix me two cans of Spanish Olive without evening knowing the paint code. The lady commented on what an, "Interesting colour," it is. As you can see, my abilities to paint and retain a natural patina are astounding, and nothing to do with the fact that I am actually shit at painting... Finished bumper Sanded, then primed, then new colour Colour match is good, rest of the car is quite faded despite a polish earlier in the year. I think it will benefit from the wheels being powder coated black. Imagine it will be getting more attention now, and the Lotus isn't holding my attention much. Maybe things will change. I am going to daily this for awhile and see what happens.
  13. kws

    A Blind Bought TVR Tasmin

    Some goodies arrived during the week, so it was time to get under the Tasmin and rip out some hose. Since working under cars on stands sucks, I had another go at getting the car up on the Quickjacks. This time I was much more successful. I had to use the jacks sideways (an approved method, and the same as I used on Snicket) The reason I wasn't so keen on this initially was that the exhaust hangs so low I wasn't sure it would clear the frames. It did. Just. With the Tasmin in the air, it was much easier to roll around under it on my creeper. I started to rip the old fuel hose from the tanks out. No photos of this process because it was messy.... First I disconnected the feed to the pump. This is from both of the tanks, so I had a 10L fuel can ready. I managed to spill a fair bit, but got it into the can in the end. I filled up with 10L the other day, and about 9L or so came out. Some of that difference would be on the ground (and my arms), but it confirms that the tanks were bone dry when I got the car. The hose came out easy enough. It was worse than I thought though, every section of hose was seriously perished, with cracking all over it. The hose also smelt like fuel on the outside. There were some nasty splits in the ends of the hoses from each tank too Bend the hose, and it isn't pretty The new hose is Continental J30R7 5/8" fuel hose. This is a low-pressure suction feed, so didn't need to be a high-pressure hose, it just needed to be high quality. The hose walls are thicker than the old Aeroflow 400 series hose. The old Tee piece is made from a bunch of Aeroflow bits. In the interests of simplicity, I replaced it with a 5/8" solid brass Tee Old mate wasn't too hot on cutting ends straight, so a couple of clamps were hanging over the edge. Not best practice. The new Tee section And installed into the car. The two tank outlets are very easy to access And the Tee hangs above the drive shaft (and there is evidence that the old setup had been in contact with the driveshaft at some point!). The zip tie is there to hold it up and clear of the shaft. The hose was routed slightly differently to simplify the route, and then cut to length and connected to the pump. The hose was zip-tied to the chassis in a couple of places to secure it, making sure not to pinch the hose as it had been With the tanks connected I want to replace the fuel filter and inspect the accumulator. The whole lot (pump, filter and accumulator) are mounted on a plate above the chassis, in front of the LH side rear wheel. On the later 280i the filter is mounted in the engine bay. The black one is the accumulator, and the silver one is the filter. The pump is out of shot to the left (with hose removed). This is the other side. Let me illustrate the fuel setup with some coloured arrows. Fuel comes into the pump from the tanks (orange), out of the pump and into the accumulator (blue), out of the accumulator and into the filter (yellow) and finally, once filtered, out of the filter and along hard lines to the fuel distributor in the engine bay (green). These hoses weren't too bad visually, but no point in leaving them there. One quick check for seeing if your accumulator is stuffed or not is to disconnect the vent hose from the back of it, and see if fuel comes out. Mine was full of fuel. This vent hose should be dry, because it's only to help equalise the air inside the accumulator, and shouldn't have any fuel contact. The fuel is (usually) separated from that side of the accumulator by a diaphragm. If the diaphragm splits, it lets fuel through and back into the tank instead of holding pressure. My accumulator is stuffed. Thankfully I had planned to remove it completely and will be using new fuel hose to bypass it and route the pump straight into the filter. The fuel filter has banjo fittings on it. The inlet converts to rubber hose, whilst the outlet is to a hard line. Some of the hose clamps on the fuel hoses had been installed by a scumbag and weren't accessible from the underside. I'm not too sure how they were even done up, unless it was off as a complete assembly and clamped whilst on the bench before fitting. Since I wasn't using the hose again I chopped it off, unbolted the accumulator and pump and removed the lot. The accumulator looks very old and probably original to the car. The filter had been replaced, but it had a date of 2005 on it. The receipts say that the "recently replaced" filter was leaking back in 2011, so either it wasn't that recent, or it was old stock when fitted. I ordered a filter online based on the original filter numbers I had, and even with triple checking, it's wrong. Yeah, that's not gonna fit. It's possibly the correct filter for a later car with the filter in the engine bay. Working off the number on the filter, I need a Ryco Z399 instead. One has been ordered, along with a Z71 oil filter. Unfortunately that leaves me at a standstill now. Hopefully the new filter will be here this week and I can fit it after work one day. In the meantime I had ordered a new air filter, so went about fitting that. I had previously checked the filter and noted it was dirty, and the wrong filter. The old filter had rounded corners, so left an unfiltered gap at each corner. The correct one for the early airbox is a Ryco A1345. No gaps Parts bin special I'll probably lose some +6hp gains from closing up those gaps, but at least I know its right, and won't be sucking in unfiltered air anymore. Sigh. Sometimes I just wish some people wouldn't touch cars. A little knowledge is dangerous.
  14. Ashkellybarr

    Chassis strip, prep and seal

    Yeah that’s pretty good! Mine will be bare frame and that’s it so might be even cheaper. Thanks for the input
  15. dat521

    Dans 521

    Brought this old girl earlier this year, done small things to it but she runs and has rego on hold. have lowered it and put new wheels on and currently making a new flat deck for her While waiting for my rear guards to be rolled been doing some rust on the bonnet with help from my old man
  16. a.craw4d

    a.craw4d's CBR 250

    Also, this is my fuel valve. Its been so long I can't remember which bit the vacuum line goes onto. I'm thinking the one on the left?
  17. a.craw4d

    a.craw4d's CBR 250

    So after this, And this, This, And a bit more after those photos were taken. I have a tank that keeps petrol on the inside. Excited to finally take this for a hoon I chucked it all back together. Cranked it up and found this, Floats must be stuck, fuel was fair pissing out of the carb overflows So gutted. Still really excited to go for a hoon though. I'll drop the bottom off the float bowls and hopefully get them sorted easy enough.
  18. scooters

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    That's genuinely a great idea. Who makes them nevermind
  19. Yeah nah not this time i can't pop the tyre over the rim due to pocket bike wheels been made from some sort of aged cheese if i can find a split rim it will work The hub girdle thing will absolutely work too unfortunately the above chedder grade rim cracked trying to fit the pocket bike tyre to it so ive got another complete wheel on the way....... because i cant be fucked fitting tyres they really are a cunt to get on without damaging them or the rim.
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