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  2. Unless you have short and super hard springs then 40mm of compression should be easy otherwise you are going to need lighter springs. Droop should be manageable too, just takes some braining to figure out the best way to adjust your adjustables to get it.
  3. Yeah will be running adjustable coil overs. Was speaking to someone running higher spring rates and keeper springs is what they had to go with. Different chassis though so I guess i'll just have to put them in and see.
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  5. Running adjustable coil overs? Keeper springs might be your saving grace.
  6. Stupidly I sent the old seat base to the scrap, I needed to cut a couple parts off it witch I now have to make, I have beaten out a new seat pan from steel, Need to find the correct kind of foam to use, I am thinking if there is a derelict car somewhere in the bush if it didn't smell of piss I could laminate the seat foam.
  7. Well, Page 3... Rest assured heaps of work has been done on this, I'm just not sure how good I have been at taking photos. Got the body mounts all tacked up, and the tray welded back together Loaded them both up on the Lexus tow rig and dragged them into work one Saturday a few weeks back. Dropped the tray off to our resident sandblaster, had the whole thing blasted and epoxy primed, cost a grand total of 1x bottle of Jack Daniels, cheers work/Ian. Haha (Have since got it back, prepped it and as of yesterday is fully coated in black Raptor liner, loooks goooood, but forgot to grab a pic) Got the mounts welded in by a ticketed welder Bill from work (I know the ticket isn't so important/relevant but he is a much better welder than myself) took it by Shane Speight on the monday and got the ok on them, so I could go ahead and paint it. Got the flywheel and new clutch on, and finally got the engine in mated (ish, still need the last of the proper bolts) to the gearbox and one passenger side mount. Drivers side doesn't line up, only off by a little bit so will just make up a bracket between the block and factory mount, one of the jobs for this weekend. For the moment it is chocked up with an appropriate length of wood, custom yo. Put the body back over the top to do a final check for clearance, took a bit more off after this to make sure there is plenty of room for things to move. Put the intercooler pipes/joiners in to se what clearance issues I had for them. Cut as necessary, fold up patches, weld em in. Still more to do. That's part of this weekends jobs, worked on it last weekend but was doing paint stuff during the week (on the tray) so couldn't do any more because dust. Also semi-finished the removable rad support section, needs some more bits welded which are a lot easier to do now it is out. Got crush tubes welded in the rad support itself which I forgot to take photos of. Plans for the weekend are to finish the tray by cutting the aluminum checker (chequer?) plate to size as I have shortened the tray, and siliconing/riveting and screwing it down to finish it up. Other than that just more cutting, folding, welding, grinding etc, on panel steel. Might even make a start on the engine cover/firewall if I am lucky. Wish I had a bead roller to get some extra strength in this, but realistically it is probably all stronger than what I am cutting out as is. Chur, Hayden
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  9. Yeah that would be correct. In my case the bumpstops are within the coils, so not much lever ratio going on, unless I am misunderstanding it.
  10. Hmhmmm.. Was a blown fuse to the pump..... she's alive Got no o2 sensor at the moment so I'll let it run on the base map for now and just adjust a couple of things
  11. Nordson is the most common in NZ, mostly as they have the best service really, just screw you over on pricing, plus everything is imperial and yeah, does change depending on viscosity, but I dont have that info and I trust that whoever helps us set up the machine will set it for best results.
  12. Yeah everyone is more than welcome to do what they find more interesting; or pest from place to place. I think he's a 5 minute ride from the motel up the coast. I may be offering non drunk doubling services. May also take people around on my bike if they're too drunk to ride. But we'll see what happens.
  13. I kinda liked that i could beer scooter/walk to my bed from Smash Palace after some sharns and quite a few handles. How far away is this lawn from town @MopedNZ?
  14. New wheel cylinders and the rear brakes are mint. Robbed the headlights out of the mx5 for this, still sealed globes so will order in some semi sealed units at some point. Tail lights and carb kits showed up too, so that should get it 99% over the line.
  15. I'd assume 40 mm of wheel travel from bump stop, not 40 mm of gap between bumpstop and suspension as there are big lever ratios and whatnot. Ie the hilux has maybe 15 mm of clearance between arm and bumpstop.
  16. Hi Gordon, wow, it looks like it was a really tidy one to begin with! Funny how some of these old commercial vehicles survive so well, when there are so few of them left!
  17. Oh man I dig these little thames vans, there used to be a 289ci one in my town, man that thing motorvated!!! Good to see you messing around with vans good sir
  18. So that is 40mm minimum from bumpstop if said bumpstop can not be part of the compression? Have been doing some maths with my springs and in theory i'm in for a fun time come cert time. Not even running silly (IMO) spring rates, shits going to be tight like a tiger. I better put my thinking cap on, good to know what numbers i'm working too though thanks.
  19. Brake linings? Try Diggers Brake and Cable He might be able to sort you out
  20. Whilst digging around the internet a few months back I came across a listing for my Thames dated around the end of 2010. This was just before the PO bought it and embarked on the bare metal restoration. At that stage the van was still in its original blue paintwork with heaps of patina. The wording for the listing is in pdf format so I'm unable to upload it, but it makes for interesting reading so I'll transcribe it into a posting when I get a chance. In the mean time here are some pics of the van as it looked back in 2010.
  21. Anyone know a supplier for brake liner adhesive in NZ?
  22. Open vs close times may differ on a pneumatic solenoid operation due to the volume of the shuttle (unless balanced shuttle). Even then they wouldn't be exaaaacccttly the sane. It wouldn't surprise me if the times listed are plus minimum open deposit time. More like a design duty of the solenoid rather than something useful to start your calculations fron. That sort of rate may also beat the daylights out of the needle seal and piston. Also does a change in viscosity effect the actual cycle rate say a thin cold glue could be effectively be easier to apply quickly than a thickish hot glue. We use nordson glue gear (at a much slower rate) they seem reasonable, with the odd failure.
  23. Camping out of car is one thing. Scooter based camping is a lot less comfortable. That motel is gizzy is pretty plush. If I ever find myself there I'd stay there again.
  24. there is pressurised glue in line feeding the guns, the times relate to the pneumatically operated solenoids which open the valves for the pressurised glue lines. We can measure everything pretty accurately as the cardboard is moving via servo with encoder feedback. Problem with that is we need to buy a machine to test it, costing $25k
  25. Commonly used Whitworth or B.S.F to SAE / A.F (inches across flats) sizes and conversions to metric and decimal inch dimensions. charts.htm
  26. Thanks man, much appreciated
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