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  2. Matteybean

    Matteybeans ms65 1973 crown

    Hi Finished putting interior in bar some of dash. Then cleaned, polished and put all the external door handles and locks on and lubed it all up I wanted to finish off all re assembling the brakes I want to see if bleeding them helps with moving car around it feels like brakes are semi on/not sitting correctly it's all new and never been bled. Will get some brake fluid as I forgot it today and give it a go tomorrow. Brought abit of stuff for the motor to freshen it up Needed to make some new breather hoses for gas tank they had been cut. I cleaned up the tank I got from chch. It came up pretty good I also had a look at the inside with my camera All is good. Bella thinks the interior is pretty lush Gave the tank a coat of paint and re undersealed the bottom side. It was a good afternoon to do it too! Fitted the fuel tank with new breather hoses. Connected up fuel lines with existing ones. Fitted the rear lights and fuel filler cap - unfortunately its cracked at hinges so doesnt quite line up with tail light surrounds. Will look for another. That's all for now Cheers
  3. It's not my car, was just one I was looking at /discussion ended
  4. mate..... @ajg193 just pull the windscreen out do what you gotta do. You wont get sympathy from us.. my 260c was probs rusty on it's first WOF. your trike is 100% bitchin but..
  5. 63Ragtop

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Like the fresh angle bro, but.... Would that tail light fit in the rear fenders kick up?
  6. kdotlowe

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    Installed the carbs today. She's really coming together. Not to much to do now Purchase and install M-Unit + finish wiring. Fabricate a number plate bracket and rear indicator mounts. Install tachometer blanking plug. Maybe purchase new tires (I'm wanting something dual sport). Fill with oil, set points and timing and start her up!

    MARTS-PL310 61 Datsun Bluebird Sedan

    Wow you have some mad skills! Even better that they're being put to use on such an elegant piece of automotive history.
  8. DJZ

    DJZ's Starion

    After ordering some more frost plugs last night I found the ones I thought I had today. Have been working on sorting out the rest of the engine parts I'm missing and also the balance shaft removal bits. I'll probably take the head to work tomorrow and drill and tap the holes for the cam angle sensor. Z is now in storage so will bring the Starion home maybe next weekend. I haven't really said much about the car but most of it is in Zac's thread. It's got S13 front suspension and coilovers, I'm not sure if it's got calipers and rotors on the front but I've got some R33 GTS25t stuff if it doesn't, it's got coilovers in the back. It has a hybrid Nissan and Mitsi front crossmember than needs to be finished (for converting to a rack), I will probably end up changing to a Nissan steering column I think. The wheels and tyres are new and haven't been driven on. Being an '86 it's 5 stud and I believe it has a bigger diff than the earlier cars. The paint was done a few years ago but the car hasn't been driven since it was done. I'm going to try and track down a smaller TD06 (like a 17C) for it, either buy or make an exhaust manifold. I've got a later Evo ECU which can be tuned (sort of like a Nistune) which I may or may not run. ~300rwhp should be pretty achievable and hopefully not break the gearbox.
  9. 63Ragtop

    MARTS-PL310 61 Datsun Bluebird Sedan

    Amazing fabrication Bro, great work!
  10. Not sure why you're telling us to calm down when called out on a dick move, but ok you do you.
  11. Calm down guys.. It was all a theoretical. My main gripe is that someone would give a car a wof with those issues. At least I know where to go in the future if I have a shit car. Also, how do you know I haven't already bought that beautiful 4K trike?
  12. MARTS-PL310

    MARTS-PL310 61 Datsun Bluebird Sedan

    I got a little out of sequence. I should back up a little and show the making of the three outer sill segments that began about six months ago. Three segments because the metal folder tool only can do a 20 inch length maximum whereas I need about 54 inches total length. I also need to make offset bends. So there are a lot of challenges to make the sill. Makes it all the more interesting to have a go at it. Anyway, I have run into difficulties in duplicating the exact profile but it's good enough for usable parts on the left side. Maybe the technique can be improved upon for the right side. On the righthand side of the car I carefully measured and made a card template of the least rust damaged profile. Then began experimenting with and adjusting the seven bend line locations to figure out a way to make a sill. This is unlike a usual and simple sill that just wraps under the door more or less. The Bluebird has several visible body lines and a concave shape in-between. Plus there is the side of sill penetration for the jack lifting structure shown previously. This Bluebird outer sill is made of 20g sheet. Layout of bend lines The prototype profile Fits like a glove on sanitized right hand side Cut out six 18 inch long panels of 20g for left and right (D for driver's side or left, P for passenger side or right). Bend lines are marked more sharply by scribe marks so I can get good alignment when it comes to joining the segments together. B1 and B3 bends are offset bends and very close. This proves to be a problem Made the offset 3/4 inch bends for all panels (B1 and B2). Not perfectly uniform but close enough So far so good! As mentioned above, now I start having a problem at bend 3. This needed to be a tight offset bend from B1 at just over 1/2 width. The folder will only do 5/8 minimum (yet it was advertised as capable of 1/2 inch offset). Not good. I have to start compensating by moving the other bend lines to keep the visible body lines on target. The plan is to adjust the pillar bottoms to fit the adjusted sill profile, at least on the left side. I'd like a better plan for right side to get the true profile so I can leave the pillars unaltered. I'm considering having the folder plate milled down to get a true 1/2 inch offset bend, but that still leaves me with three separate segments to weld together. Either that or start over and make the whole thing as one hand formed piece by hammer forming each bend over a solid 90 degree edge of some sort. That might be wishful thinking. My crude setup for making the concave curvature between bends 3 and 4 Sandwich the sheet between plastic pipe, angle iron and squash it Checked out the fit of a couple of segments relative to the doors and the lower edge. Checked out as good. Three completed sill left side segments lined up on the rollaway workbench. Decent alignment of three segments. Looks like I can make it work when it comes time to join them End profile view of three outer sill segments all in line, just for kicks Discussion:
  13. This was my old Moggy. Sold it to a guy on here who rebuilt the motor and now it’s a promo car I think.
  14. Yes a Morris minor, fitted out with parts from the worst car ever made. A most excellent choice
  15. Just buy this and be done
  16. VIRM should cover the rust thresholds. Must have too much spare time if you're cruising around for a war over a rusty car.
  17. After some soul searching, I'm Gona supercharge the marina engine. That should save me from wanting to supercharge my sidevalve. Flanges are readily available off the shelf now days, I struggled to find them 10 years ago. Already have a v pulley for it. Will probably just make up a plenum to bolt to a standard or twin carb intake, and fit some basic lcbs.
  18. Not much space available for the gearbox. Steering rack isn't in a good locatio
  19. I was just about to say that. You've got a spare 3.8 m8 so chuck that in for max moo diff blowing power
  20. Sounds like a well thought out way to buy a car
  21. Lol. How do you plan on using the CGA when you already know the state of the car at time of purchase?
  22. How much rust is acceptable around a windscreen? Surely this shouldn't have been given a wof? There is also rust the whole way along the top of the windscreen
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