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Project Golf kart


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Got offered mk5 gti  as a swap for my supermoto which I passed on i while ago,but sparked my interest in the German corolla.

Sold the supermoto and started keeping eye out for a good one.

Found a high spec 2008 nz new gti with vw service history and honest condition also I like that its not red white black or silver like 99% of them

It was out of town so got a friend to go have a perv and he gave me the thumbs up so I brought it.



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First day off work so decided to do de cat

Had to 2 cats first one straight of the turbo with restrictive bend.


All sorted now


Engine light came on after install,cleared it and hasn't came back:)

Still using both factory rear mufflers so it's not loud just bit deeper note seem to boost bit harder now too.


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Alot of mk5 interiors seem to suffer from saggy roof lining and door cards.

This one has none of those issues

Conditioned the leather seats and gave interior bit of a clean,actually not a bad place to be.



Heaps of adjustment in steering wheel and seat to get good driving position aswell

Added some alloy paddle shifts  because $40 Ferrari mod

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