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KDX200SR of green


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Anyhoo, so now I had the approval from NZTA I had to get it ready for its compliance inspection.
Tyres were tricky due to the 21/19 sizes needed, took a bit of searching but found that Michelin Trackers came in the right size and were road legal.
It was good fun getting the old ones off and the new ones on, positioning the bead lock and tube etc


The brakes were shit so new discs, pads and hoses all around along with master and caliper rebuild kits. Replacing the front hose was a pain 
as due to Honda having some kind of patent on hose routing (WTF) for a while the KDX had a hose/hard line combo going under the fork leg.
New hose routing




Wheel bearings were rough so new ones chucked in front and rear.
Fork seals weren't sealing, after making a couple tools the job was a piece of piss.



Steering and swingarm bearings felt good so just pumped some new grease in

To make it look a bit nicer I bought some new fork shields (on the right) from Aliexpress for $17 delivered


Going by the NZTA info the last thing I needed was a park light as the KDX doesn't run a battery.
I borrowed 3x 18650 batteries and BMS from another project and knocked up a small 12V that fits under the seat, wired in a bar switch and fit an led in the rear guard.





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Oh golly, you are going to have so much fun on this. Good choice on the tyres, I had 70/30 spec ones on mine, and it was rubbish off road, and was still able to spin a tyre on wet roads, so didn't inspire much confidence. I loved blasting around on the 220, felt sort of naughty.

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I used to think motard type bikes were dumb like putting semi slicks on a toyota surf  

I was very wrong


so much fun on twisty back roads, things like big mid corner surprise bumps,  which on a sport bike would probably send you into the trees, are soaked up no problem 

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Not much progress but the engine has been stripped a bit further, everything is looking good so far.

Someone has put a Wossner piston in it at some point so it has been opened before, not sure if they split the cases but since I have to anyway to replace the crank seals then I may as well go a bit further so I have a rod kit on the way.




And the main reason for the rebuild


Where the fuck did the seal go? The metal outer part is there but the rubber has vanished and you can see the spring chilling on the crank.

As mentioned earlier I wanted to get this legal before spending money on a rebuild so I used sealant on the sidecover to keep it in a running state haha.

Currently fabricating a case splitter as I couldn't bring myself to pay $130 for something that looks shit and might only get one use.

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