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This weekend - Aunty Cindy's Covid Consolation CT Mellee to the Banks Penissular

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This weekend - Myself, @Tumeke @slacker.cam and @peteretep are in Christchurch from 7am Friday and going to get some use out of our bikes that we shipped down for molesworth...... 

Plan is to do a day adventure and then stay in chch on friday night (victoria st) I think there is a general understanding to have din dins with EJ and Ant.

Saturday head out around the Banks peninsular - stay in Akaroa - more adventuring Sunday and back in the afternoon to Wainoni to pack the bikes onto the pallets, dinner and fly home that night.

Beyond the above, there is no formal plan, however it would be great to see some people down there and if anyone wanted to come on any part of this adventure or have some beers/lunches/dinners along the way would be awesome.

my numbers 021 774037 - anyone & everyone invited to all aspects. Entry cost is 1 smile. Bring togs.

-David J

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I think general idea was Friday to do lees valley road onto okuku road, Then saturday/sunday head out to Akaroa doing a big loop around the edges to birdlings flat. Sound reasonable? Any tips? I have the least range with about 160km including an extra 5L tank

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Lees valley is good 

I'm sure you got it sussed 

Used to be able to go all the way down kaitorete spit and do a full circuit of lake ellesmere, as long as some farmer hasn't locked a gate.

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It was locked from the end of the paper road when I was there a month ago.. Also, might have to push your bikes for a bit of you do the Bossu Rd to Birdlings flat.. The gravel is fairly enveloping. 


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2 hours ago, governorsam said:

Keen. Got the mighty gn spare if someone wants to borrow it. Got an xr125 now.




Thanks for the offer Gov, don't think I'm your man. Apart from the fact that I can't take time from the castle at this point. 


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