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J5's bikes (Hondas)


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Aaannd bought a rough XR100 because reasons.

Has had a hard life. Will attempt to tidy up without exceeding the limits of financial sensibility. And probably just use it for very light farm duties or as a loaner to beginners.

51139636433_d456a3067c_o.jpgIMG_20210424_115304 by John Bell, on Flickr

Got vaguely correct tank graphics from.... AliExpress! Looks ok but are very thin, and have bubbled something chronic in days prior. Oh well. $$

51139493503_4e8cf138f2_o.jpgIMG_20210425_170715 by John Bell, on Flickr

Waiting on parts currently.

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The only time I've ever had a bike really break down on a trip*, was on a Honda... and I borrowed a Harley off my cousin to finish the trip...

Had to own it though, despite being the ultimate shame, there was no point hiding. I've never felt more watched than riding that Harley Road King with de-baffled screaming eagle pipes through the pits at Taupo... at the superbike nationals... at lunch time...


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Got a few bits and pieces on the XR100 the other day. Still need to try repair the OE handguards, fit an engine bolt, fork boots, wheel bearings, tubes, should probably do tyres too, check valves and basic tune up shit.

Genuine Honda fuel hose out of seal packet sent from Japan. ZING

51199613243_4eccb10409_o.jpgIMG_20210523_170413 by John Bell, on Flickr

Happy enough with how its looking though. 

51199612873_df0f23a7c5_o.jpgIMG_20210524_164259_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

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We have one with mismatched wheel sizes. It’s a bit odd to ride but lots of fun. I’ve had to ban myself from taking it past second gear though cos I bottom out EVERYTHING whenever I try and pop it over the slightest bump.

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Then for reasons I can't exactly explain, I bought an ATC250ES
51819900964_b1f3623054_k.jpgIMG_20211106_182043_077 by John Bell, on Flickr

Its rough, but mostly original and nearly complete, so without going overboard, I plan on fixing whats broken, and attempting to keep it somewhat straight and usable. It'll likely just get used as a last resort backup farm bike, and to punt trailers etc around the section.

A decent waterblast didn't show up too many horrors, a welded gearlever :-( , one bent footpeg, missing small trim and rear lights.
51693928405_f861295fe8_k.jpgIMG_20211120_134424_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

51692242432_de2c90912b_k.jpgIMG_20211120_134439 by John Bell, on Flickr


Feature laden

Headlight on a string

51693306393_75c08a41f6_k.jpgIMG_20211120_134546_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Flip up rear panelling for... reasons....

51820275485_322a73d55d_k.jpgIMG_20220114_163118 by John Bell, on Flickr

Refitted the battery back into its box in the middle of the bike, someone had fitted some janky extention leads, and cut a hole to place the battery in the storage compartment at the back, just flopping around, this also stopped the flip back from coming up. Unacceptable.

51819558451_5f66c54f48_k.jpgIMG_20220114_162905 by John Bell, on Flickr

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To add, I used to think everyone was pussies when trikes were referred to as dangerous and unsuitable for what they were used for.
I still think you're all pussies, but also yeah, these things are somewhat unstable and a bit unnerving if you're not on the ball.


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