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Anglia4’s small bikes


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I am slightly tempted to put my semi-hot-shit bucket racing TF125 into it...

But my concern is that it is probably a hand grenade, which is not going to be ideal in the Te Uruweras.

The one I have a spare kick start mech from is just a pile of bits in a box.

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After a wee bit of pissing about I got this thing running the other day. I had the new ignition key wired in slightly wrong so instead of grounding the coil when it was turned off, it was switching the battery positive to ground when it was turned on. Long story short, I made some fizzing noises and a teeeensy bit of smoke, but its all working properly now.

That 6V headlight is an absolute glo-worm though!


For the front guard, I hunted about to see what I could find that might mount it. Turns out an RGV150 front guard is a bolt on replacement!

I had to tweak the mount a bit to fit my shortened junk guard, but it looks like it will work. 





I thought I'd have a crack at fitting the RGV kick stand as well. I had to chop off the foot peg as it was gusseted to the stand mount, which was OK as it wasn't correctly aligned to the other side and really annoyed me when riding.


Precision with string-lines even.



Its not perfect, but miles better than it was. And now the bike stands up on its own!

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Kick stand leans it harder than I do.


Might have to make the stand a bit longer.

I got the new front guard all fitted, pretty happy with how that’s fallen into place. Now I just need to finish the speedo and fix the kick start.


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  • 2 months later...

I went to fit the kick start from one of my spare TF motors and discovered it’s a split the cases job. Crash starting hasn’t got that annoying yet so my motivation to do that is very low.

Taking it off the trailer the other night and Lottie’s saying “Daddy’s motorbike, daddy’s big girl motorbike!” ... 


I also replaced the gear lever, which destroyed itself getting tight enough to not slip... so I drilled it out and nut and bolted it.


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  • 4 weeks later...

^ So the headlight stopped working on that ride home :lol:

One of the wires had come unsoldered from the stator coil. So we fixed that up. Tidied up some burrs on the flywheel threads at the same time so the puller tool fits properly. And also found and fixed a hole in the stator housing.


The carbie always pointed straight at the frame and had no space for a filter, so it just had a gauze over it. I wasn't happy about that for Te-Uruwera's so I've made a new angled manifold and fitted a 15deg offset UNI filter for hours of trouble free gravel bashing.




I went to the farm bike wreckers and got an AG/TF or something carry rack to modify to suit.



And then its just tires! 

My SR-241's are due to arrive the day after we leave for the ride. So I'm going to try some SR-244's, not sure if they will fit in the swing-arm, its very tight in there...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I rode it to work today. It couldn’t get into power band in top gear so it was just struggling away topping out at about 80-85km/h.

shot up to dads this afternoon to try some different gearing.

original was 14-46.

13-46 didn’t work as the chain length didn’t work for the big SR244 tyres.

so 12-46 it is!!

it’s great now. Absolutely runs out of puff at about 105km/h, which it couldn’t get to before. Cruises comfortably at 90.

I’ve also extended the stand so it stands nicer. (After this photo)


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  • 7 months later...

So the lights on this have not really been working well, and the battery not charging.

The charging voltage reads at 2.2V. Which is a poor percentage of 6V battery voltage for charging.

The 6V coil on the stator seems to be toast, although not hot, so just bread... Its dead.

"No worries" I thought. "I've got plenty of mud bug parts, surely I've got a spare stator".

Wrong... The TS100 has a points ignition, and all the mud-bug stuff I have are CDI. So definitely not a plug and play change.

Last night I decided that my farm bike was never going to run again (Needed filling up with gas) so I stripped out the loom of everything I need to make some upgrades to the GT50.

Next update should be installation of a CDI ignition. Flash as bro.


Anyone need some mud-bug parts? 


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  • 1 month later...

I realised the other day that I never did a "post Te-Uruwera post"

The bike went awesome, it was truck loads of fun to ride. A little over-loaded luggage wise, but I was reasonably happy with what I'd packed. With the rain, I used everything I had packed, but I'll try and get a bit lighter this year.

The bike tried to kill itself on every day of the ride.

Day 1 - Heading along the big straight bits into gizzy, ringing its neck, max vibrations etc. Went to change down the gears coming to an intersection and the gear lever wouldn't move... So I managed to coax it into gizzy in top gear. Then stopped at the bottle store, got it into second gear with some wriggling, and then had to crawl to the motel in 2nd gear (slooooow on a TS...)


Whipped the clutch cover off and found a screw that had wound its way out into the shifter mechanism. Easy fix.

Day 2, heading along some of the big fast hill sections into Waikeremoana, ringing its neck again, absolutely flying. Did a big downhill section to a stop and it did a massive lean-out. The carb had slid out of its boot and was sucking through just enough fuel to keep it firing. Shit it got hot. I let it cool down for ages and then it was sweet after that.

Also heading into Waikeremoana the rear brake kept over centering and jamming on any time I touched it. So whipped the wheel off and shimmed it out with a baked bean tin.






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A year after ordering my SR-241's I finally have two of them in the shed now, so I can put some less chunky off-road rubber on.

It also came apparent during Te-Uruwera, that this thing has quite the twist in the frame. It turns one way much better than the other, and is really obvious to those following it.

So I've been on the look-out for a donor frame to re-build it. And also been wanting to find a spare set of wheels so I can swap between the skinny road racer tires and the SR-241's without too much issue.

I scored this on trademe a couple of weeks ago, its an RGV50 I think, I reckon the wheels should fit.


And then this came up for sale too:


The new GT50 is actually waaay too good to trash for rebuilding my 100cc machine, so I might fix it up as a legit GT50, and then build something else eventually out of the silver bullet, maybe even using the RGV frame. 

So many options now!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I built a table for working on the GT. 

Its so good, I don't know why I've  never done it before.


I've been re-wiring it to suit some new LED lights, and an electronic ignition set up from a later model TF125.

Last time I went to ride it, it was running like an absolute dog, and I was pretty certain I hadn't lined up the stator on its proper marks. Turns out this was the issue...


That may hamper my efforts to have it running again until I can buy parts. But at least I can press on with the re-wire.

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