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Anglia4’s small bikes


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Yeah some of the frame welds from the engine install look like they could use a tidy up.

It also looks like the engine position could do with being a little higher to get the chain line right. At the moment I think it drags across a nylon strip all the time.

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I rode the silver bullet to work today. Plenty of WTF's from my workmates, its rather loud :grin:

China hooked me up with some nice new mirrors to reduce my chances of dying.IMG_4841.JPG.92c8179659fdeb16bd1613daae8ccb84.JPG

I also mounted the number plate in an attempt to draw a little less attention than my previous effort.


Tail light for night duties is still back-pack mounted though. I need to fit a reg/rect to get me some DC volts for the LED strip tail light that I'm hoping to hide away under the back of the seat. Hopefully I can do this with some of my mudbug spares.

I'd really love a kick stand too, that will be on my to-do list at some stage.

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I’ve started doing a wee bit of prep for bush nangs in case I end up going lol.

The more I look at this bike the more I find half arsed :doubt:

So today I added split pins and lock nuts to all the places that should have them, like the brake rod and chain adjusters which were only finger tight. The brake rod was nearly wound right off, it needed resetting on the spline.

i had to add some extra spacer nuts to the chain adjusters for some reason. It’s within normal axle adjustment but at the limit of the threads... weird... I’ll call this 3/4 assed now :badgrin:


I also added a bit of tire tube to keep water from the tire out of the carb.


I also rotated the bars up to a normal position cos I’m a grumpy old man these days.

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I've done a wee bit more tinkering this week.

I finished off the wiring that Bucket Barry had started. Hunted around and found an old handlebar switch that I brought for another project, it is a cheap piece of shit and the push button doesn't work, so it had gone in the drawer. But the toggle will be perfect for high-low beam switching.


Got the mud bug 6V headlight installed.

The modified for 6V LED tail light is running down the side of the number plate so hopefully people won't run me over at night time. I think its reasonably discreet.IMG_6682.thumb.JPG.4cfe5b1604a24ebd85cc2aa0695666f2.JPG

I found an old mudguard in my boxes of hoarded shit that I'm going to try and fit to the front as well. My diet requires that I keep my gravel quantity below the ministry of health guidelines for recommended daily intake.

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Thanks for the confidence.

Haha It does make a great noise.

There are a few more things I really want to tidy up on it. Namely; the foot pegs are not quite evenly placed, the lack of kick stand still drives me fucking bonkers, and I'm going to see if the kick start assembly from one of my TF125 motors will fit it.

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