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This thread is great, such fond memories of the computer my grandparents bought for us kids in 1992 -  IBM 486 33mhz, 4mb ram, 128mb hdd, soundblaster, win 3.1, dot matrix printer, a single speed CD ROM drive that you had to put the disk in a caddy, then into the PC. Cost $7600, and more importantly ran wing commander II. Still have a dot matrix printer at work, its screaming always hits me in the feels. The (second hand) cyrix 266mhz that replaced it sometime in the 2000's seemed like such a huge jump forward in technology 

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I’ve collected a few old machines, one was free from my wife’s uncle. It’s a beige Dell optiplex with an Celeron 466mhz, 64mb ram and according to the driver an integrated Rage something or other graphics chip. 

I reinstalled windows 98 SE because a bunch of stuff wasn’t working, including the CD drive. So I had to take the hdd out and plug into another computer then copy the win98 CD files over. It worked fine but it still doesn’t detect the CD drive.

Tried swapping cables, two different CD drives. Manually installing a driver etc etc. I even updated the bios firmware.

Then I tried swapping the hdd and CD drive cables over at the motherboard end. Now it sees a CD drive but no hdd.

Weird. Maybe 2nd IDE is dead.

Cant just use a master/slave cable because it doesn’t reach. 

Maybe I could use a USB CD drive.

But anyway, here’s Quake. 
Man these old games were fun.

Different CRT monitor this time, I got this one for my birthday when it was new lol. A good CRT has an awesome crisp image, most went into the bin....


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