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Wtf no kumeu thread yet??


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8 hours ago, pusherman said:

Its like 2 freaking weeks away.  

Wether to caravan all grown up and modern.  Or coma in escort for umteenth year

Flippin eck - will need to get a WoF on something and come stay for a change - whos keen for a compound?

7 hours ago, 73crownwagon said:

Been waiting for you to start one as always ben! You know I'll be there 

I have a pile of shit i should sort out and take to sell - will you be in the swappa area again Denham? Keen for some a commission based sales position :)?


23 minutes ago, The Bronze said:

Shit. Imagine if I finally had a legal car. 

Just need a LR XB door handle. 

bound to be one at the swap meet. Fit it in the carpark and you can claim were taking it to a place of repair on Mondey.

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So i may have a standard pre kumeu dilema. 

Could potentially get a v8 hq ute that has been barn stored for 20years.  The owners son has oked it.  The owner is 50/50 (has been keeping it for son to do up 15 years ago)

its rust fucked but solid enough to drive.  

True kumeu spirit would be get it running and go

it would make alot of sense not to tho

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